Etihad BusinessConnect 20,000 Mile Signup Bonus — And Why This is Really Valuable

Through October 31, Etihad will give you 10,000 miles each into your personal Etihad Guest account and a new Etihad business account — just for creating that new business account and connecting your Etihad Guest number to it and that of one other traveler.

Follow these three easy steps to receive an extra 10,000 miles into your personal Etihad Guest account as well as receiving an additional 10,000 miles for your company’s new BusinessConnect account:

  1. Sign your company up to BusinessConnect via the individual who manages your company travel at
  2. Connect your Etihad Guest number and one other business traveller’s number to the BusinessConnect account via the website
  3. E-mail your Etihad Guest number & Company name to

Once these steps have all been successfully completed you and your company will receive an extra 10,000 miles each for free flights, upgrades or products for your personal travel as well as your business travel.

Lucky reported how lax the signup requirements for this program are, when he took advantage of a 5000 mile signup bonus offer:

There are no strings attached, other than that you have to upload a copy of your EIN [Employer Identification Number – business tax ID]. While I have a legitimate business, truth be told I’m lazy and instead uploaded a blank word document, and still got approved for the program

Signing up gets you two accounts with 10,000 miles each. If you don’t want to save up Etihad Guest points, and don’t have an interest in low-priced awards to pop around the Middle East, you can always burn points for swag in their really extensive reward shop. A wallet is less than 5000 miles, for instance.

Terms and Conditions apply. Promotion is only valid if a new company has successfully been signed up to BusinessConnect and a minimum of two travellers have been connected from 22 September to 31 October 2013. For full terms and conditions regarding this offer, please visit:

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  1. I got that email this morning and have gone as far as registering my company. I have an email from Etihad acknowledging receipt of my registration form, but not yet the one telling me I’m registered.

    Any feel for how long it takes them to complete the process?

    I’m also tempted to register my second company. Maybe they’ll give me 40K points.. 🙂

  2. Is there any way to combine the two accounts? 20k miles could give a good award on Etihad, but 10,000 in one account doesn’t look like you can get any flights with them.

  3. -just signed up for the bidness acct. uploaded the faux EIN doc. received this message:

    ” Thank you for registering with Etihad BusinessConnect. We look forward to rewarding your company’s loyalty to Etihad Airways.

    You will be notified shortly regarding your registration STATUS.”—-have they gotten more strict??

    -also, you wrote:
    “2 Connect your Etihad Guest number and one other business traveller’s number to the BusinessConnect account via the website”–how DO you connect the #s plz??

    its high time those oil sheikhs returned some of my petrodollars!! thanks

  4. Is is possible to comboine 2 business accounts? I am the owner of 2 family businesses and would like to sign up for both of them.

  5. the “title” dropdown menu really cracks me up. I can’t decide between Brigadier and HRH but I’m scared that it will come back to haunt me at some point.

  6. Was anyone tempted to use one of more exotic honorific titles?

    HRH is quite nice sounding, but kings and queens usually have their own aircraft so perhaps a bit over the top. Brigadier is a bit of stretch but Colonel could be nice.

    Yes, I think Colonel and Lady will do nicely.

  7. If you click on the “Amazing Offers” button on the lower right of the page, you’ll see the 20,000 miles offer.

  8. Sorry. I meant click on the “Amazing Offers” button on the lower left of the page. It’s Opposite Day at our house (AKA haven’t had my coffee yet day )!

  9. Is anyone having an issue with the website linking the accounts? I can log in with my personal and business accounts but when I try to link them together it says invalid password.

  10. @karen:

    No. In fact I’d forgotten the whole thing until Etihad emailed me again today telling me to sign up.

    I’ll try again tonight.

  11. When I enter my acct # and password separately for each personal and business accounts it logs me in but when I try to link them together is says password invalid. I’ve tried different browsers and have made attempts over the last few days.

  12. I had issues before, but finally got it to work today.

    The company number you need to enter is not the BusinessConnect membership number you use to log in, I received it in an email entitled “Invitation to link to Etihad BusinessConnect”, which at this point I forget if I requested or was sent to me automatically.

    Anyway the format of these numbers were as follows for me

    BusinessConnect Company ID number: XX <-(yes, a two digit number. wtf?)
    BusinessConnect Password: XXXXXX

    This worked for me this morning, so hopefully you guys who are having trouble can get it worked out.

  13. Follow up for people who got in on this:
    I (finally) converted my 20000 points into $134 in Amazon gift cards through Etihad’s partnership with

    Obviously 20000 to $134 is a pretty low conversion rate, but I found that to be better than the limited selection and inflated prices at the Etihad gift mall. (One better use that looks possible would be for Hawaii inter-island tickets.) will link to your Etihad accounts and you can load either a virtual debit card ($0.99 fee, funds available for a limited time) or plastic card (higher fee). The cards are issued through a Swiss bank and my first attempt at using the virtual one failed and it took a couple weeks for the funds to become available again (and cost a second load fee). Also you can only load the card from one account at a time. Given all these caveats I can confirm that accepted the virtual card for two gift cards of about $67 each.

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