Europe Adds U.S. To ‘Safe’ List Allowing Americans To Visit. That Could Change Every 2 Weeks

The European Union is recommending that borders be open to Americans, and to residents of several other countries, based on reduction in Covid-19 prevalence in these places. This is separate from the plan to re-open to vaccinated Americans, who – once this change is implemented in the next few days – will be able to visit and move within Schengen zone countries without quarantine.

These guidelines – which also now apply to visitors from Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia, Lebanon, Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong – would allow tourists with a negative Covid-19 test regardless of vaccination status. The ban on Americans will be lifted Europe-wide and it’s certainly time to lift restrictions for traveling to the U.S. as well.

The U.S. 14 day moving average of cases per 100,000 has moved below 75 and so the U.S. has been added to the European Union’s ‘safe list’. The list is reviewed every two weeks and an uptick in cases could lead to the U.S.’s removal from that list – you could buy tickets to travel and by the time your travel date approaches additional barriers could be in place. So you’re making a bet on ease of travel. However,

  • Individual countries can impose stricter (testing, quarantine) requirements or less strict requirements (some European countries were already allowing in Americans)

  • The U.S. seven day moving average has dipped below 60 or just over 4 cases per 100,000 per day. So we’re trending towards fewer cases, not more cases.

Confirmed cases is an odd metric since the level of testing – and so the propensity to identify virus spread – varies so significantly between countries and even regions within a country. That’s why many places have looked to positivity rates in addition to cases. Hospitalizations and deaths are a better metric because “you can’t make a body disappear.”

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  1. Challenging times for trying to plan to fly to Europe form US. Would hate to be on a plane or just landed when a European country changes the entry to make it no entry.

  2. Hold on, let me spend thousands of dollars on a trip only to have someone in Paris sneeze and these a-holes pull the plug …..nah

  3. I’ve got a flight booked to Berlin in mid-October using award points..I have made no other travel arrangements, which is the opposite of my modus operandi. This time around I am going to leave everything to the last minute. I also have alternative plans for the alternative plans, if you get my meaning.

    If I can’t travel freely throughout eastern Europe, then I will book a connection from Berlin to Istanbul. If Isntabul is shut down (which seems unlikely, as Turkey is one place that has been very receptive to tourists through much of the pandemic), well, then, Morocco will be open.

    There will be SOME place in the world that wants a vaccinated American’s money!

  4. I’m in Spain now. Loving how quiet it is here in San Sebastian. You whiners continue to stay home please.

  5. Europe is off my list for this year’s big vacation. I want to relax and look forward to a trip, not worry that things can change last minute after making all arrangements. Plus, don’t want to be left with credit vouchers for an airline, hotel and possible tour operator that I rarely, if ever, use. Maybe I’ll go to Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands for the fall instead.

  6. @CHRIS
    If you think Europeans are a-holes then please stay away as I don’t believe Europeans who are not a-holes need another American a-hole in any of their countries.

  7. Re: “This is separate from the plan to re-open to vaccinated Americans, who – once this change is implemented in the next few days – will be able to visit and move within Schengen zone countries without quarantine.”
    Does this mean (in the next few days) that vaccinated Americans will be able to enter and move within the Schengen zone without a Covid test? Will proof of vaccination be enough? If not, can unvaccinated Americans enter Europe as long as they have a negative Covid test? Or does one need to both be vaccinated and have a recent negative Covid test?

  8. It will change. Not may change. Will. For unvaccinated travelers.

    Thanks to the hoards of MAGA followers that won’t get vaccinated, once the Delta variant becomes dominant here in the US in the next month or so, cases will start going back up. And soon enough we won’t meet the qualifications for the EU.

  9. We are scheduled to go to Norway in mid July. Norway is Schengen, but not EU. I will anxiously wait to see how Norway plays this.

  10. Bob. This is not a discussion about politics. But you have done that. I voted for Donald Trump both times. I believe in Making America Great Again because right now it is tanking, taxes are up the Russians get a pipeline, US pipeline with Canada shut down, the Iranians can complete their nukes, store price items up, gas for or cars has become outrageous. I did get a vaccine so your inane comment about MAGA shows you are ignorant.

  11. @Rog
    Do regular everyday Europeans make the decision to shut down travel overnight? No you potato. A-holes refer to the European versions of your beloved Fauci and the other vegetative octogenarian. I can see comprehension wasn’t your strong suit in middle school or beyond.

  12. @CJ
    another vaccinated Trumper here!
    I’m also college educated, own my own home outright, ZERO debt, travel frequently enough and enjoy the hell out of life.

  13. “The U.S. seven day moving average has dipped below 60 or just over 4 cases per 100,000 per day. So we’re trending towards fewer cases, not more cases.” Well being that Florida is basically doing everything they can to hide their numbers and that hospitalizations are increasing in Texas and the Delta variant which is incredibly contagious is rapidly spreading I don’t have much faith in your prediction that we are moving in the right direction. As the heat waves in the south continues in states where vaccination rates are low and people seek AC indoors you can expect a surge in the next several weeks thanks to the new variant that will likely become the dominant variant in the country. Unvaccinated people will keep the pandemic rolling and as a result screw over us all.

  14. Would be nice if Europe and the US stopped requiring testing for fully vaccinated people who are not showing any symptoms.

  15. @ Rog. Chris is obviously not referring to citizens of the EU but to their version of the Swamp and it’s bureaucrats that reside in Brussels. I have sympathy for those European citizens that must surrender much their culture to satisfy the economic needs of the EU bureaucrats.
    @ Bill. You’re making up a narrative. Living in Austin, even though we have many Limousine Liberals that support any and all propaganda that the DNC puts out, CV19 is no longer a pandemic . . . if in fact it ever was here.

  16. @CJ. You are correct sir. But as far as getting vaccinated, I am a Vietnam Veteran (Class of 67-68) and while we were assured that Agent Orange was not harmful to humans, it was almost 20 years later that the VA admitted it is. There appears to be too many similarities between the vaccines and AO dioxins. We will know in 20 years, although I most assuredly will not be around to find out.

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