Evacuation Slide Falls From Sky As Delta Flight Lands in Boston

Delta flight 405 from Paris to Boston arrived 34 minutes early on Sunday – despite pushing back 15 minutes late. That wasn’t the only thing notable about the flight, however.

A family was standing in their yard when an uninflated evacuation slide fell from the sky as the aircraft made its approach to Logan airport. The six foot long slide “took down four tree branches” on the way down to the ground.

Leguia said her and her neighbor’s backs were turned when what looked like a “giant silver tarp” landed. Upon inspection they found a “Boeing” label on it and called police, who eventually figured out the tarp was actually an un-inflated emergency evacuation slide.

According to the FAA, “The pilot of Delta Air Lines Flight 405, a Boeing 767, reported a loud noise as the aircraft was on approach to Boston Logan International Airport shortly before noon today. Workers inspected the aircraft after landing and discovered that the right rear evacuation slide was missing.”

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  1. I guess the over wing slides are stored outside the aircraft? I was trying to find something online that definitively stated that but struck out.

    This certainly has happened before, not sure why it can’t be fixed. From 2016 in Arizona, another 767 (many aircraft don’t have overwing slides, depending on whether passengers can reach the ground from the wing directly).

  2. This is what happens when u fly antique aircraft many decades old and poorly maintain them
    Just be thankful it wasn’t the engines or the plane would be in their
    yard instead of the slides

  3. Retired 767 pilot here. A door slide will not fall off an aircraft if the door is closed.
    The over wing slides are in a storage compartment on the top of the wing. This has happened several times before.
    There is no effect on controllability of the aircraft.
    The slide belongs to Delta
    In the U.S. air travel is the safest way to go.

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