Ex-TSA Screener Offers Real Talk On What Happens At The Checkpoint

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  1. Wow….watch the video, it sounds far more like she got fired from the TSA for failing a drug test and now she is offering advice on how other worthless prices of garbage can snuggle illegal substances on a flight.

  2. @Ryan Waldron
    “worthless PRICES of garbage can SNUGGLE” ???
    Are you sure you haven’t been dabbling with a bit of the illegal substances today, Ryan? Just sayin’ =)

  3. Rude: Sure your parents didn’t pick your name on their cellphone? It’s the ignorant spell check on the phone which can’t be disabled these days, but thanks for adding nothing to the conversation but a bit of your own ignorance.

  4. Wow, @Ryan Waldron seems like a stand up guy who is not racist. I bet he is proud of himself. Actually I bet his endowment is barely 2.75 inches, but I will leave that for another discussion. It’s okay, Ryan. They make them in “snug fit.” Anyhow…the TSA screener’s video is incorrect on a couple of technicalities. First, airport dogs sniff for a lot more than just explosives, depending on where in the airport you are. International terminals, they’re sniffing for cash, food, and certainly drugs. Second, X-rays do not spot everything. X-rays do not penetrate through some things, either. In these cases, TSA will pull your bag and open it for manual inspection. So the overall message (you can’t hide anything) is still accurate, it’s just that X-ray is only one tool used in the security process.

  5. So View from the Wing is now providing advice on how to smuggle drugs onto airplanes. I guess I don’t fit your target demographic anymore…

  6. Re: the dogs: at MIA they have been there waiting in the hallway as we disembark our flight from Lima, Peru. I don’t think the dogs are looking for terrorists.

  7. Dick: If anyone has an appropriate name, your parents hit the nail on the head when they squirted you out. Let us pick apart your psychotic rant here shall we.

    1. Nothing I said had anything at all to do with race. You must be projecting your racist tendencies on to others.

    2. I’m sorry that your parents did whatever they had to have done to you as a child to raise you with such a phallic obsession, but please again stop projecting your abuse on to others.

    3. Everything she said was centered around how the TSA’s procedures can be best circumvented to smuggle drugs. Everything! That is the only thing I pointed out.

    Finally, please go get help for your racism and your mommy/daddy phallic issues and leave the rest of us out of it. You obviously need some professional psychiatric assistance to deal with your problems.

  8. Ryan you really need to stop, get some counseling. You have anger issues. TSA does not look for drugs. That is not their objective or mission. You obviously need to read their mission statement.

  9. @Ryan Waldron
    . I bet you’re just a ton of fun at parties. If you’re ever invited a second time, I mean.

  10. @Ryan Waldron
    Ha! Nice to see your pointed comments about the TSA agent. Do you personally know her or something to put out so much hate, not only about her but also to the other commenters?

  11. Again another set of morons who needs to stop listening to the voices in their heads and actually read what I said. I never said the TSA looks for drugs, the idiot in the video who outlined every way to get drugs past the TSA did. You also confuse truth for anger….I’m not angry at any of this. Just disgusted and sad that our country has become host to a load of liberal ignorant morons like yourselves. Anyone who does not agree with your uninformed, TV driven, no thought of your own point of view is angry and wrong. Anyone who shows the least bit of original thought or logic is the enemy…..it is just truly sad and it is people like you that are continually ruining everything that made this country good. All because you are too lazy to make any effort to think for yourselves and see the truth in anything because that is too just hard for you.

  12. The mark of a classy, intellectual person is one who repeatedly visits the comment section of a single blog post, calling people morons, and generally feeding the trolls.

    Ryan, Dick got your measurement (2.75) right, but the units wrong. It is centimeters, not inches.

  13. @P — Gina’s my first name. If we go by my surnames, I’m Miss Doesnotsmellfishy.

  14. P Ness: Why are you idiots so obsessed with my genitals? Sorry, I’m not currently looking for a dumbass to carry through life….please take your romantic pursuits elsewhere.

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