Extending Marriott Free Night Awards And Emirates To Fly To.. San Jose? [Roundup]

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  1. Good to see there are plenty of career opportunities for sociopaths these days – who better to fill a job where you need to lie convincingly and effortlessly? Comms director, defense attorney, the list is endless.

  2. SJC has lots of people who fly at least annually to and from S/C/W Asia.

    And EK can’t be clueless about the business ties Emirati and other Gulf players have with interests in the SJC area and with how prosperous the job market and economy around the area is. Not everyone wants to go drive up as far as to SFO but are willing to drive up and deal with the less busy SJC airport.

    Did SJC try to give some additional incentives to try to bring in EK?

  3. @C_M — The solution to sociopathy is a government mandated and standardized performance review annually at every organization with over 50 FTEs. Outsize weight should be given to the employee’s demonstrated empathy and work toward civic good. Even private for-profit companies ultimately exist at the pleasure of our collective society. Left to their own devices, corporations will reward the most ruthless “high impact” employees and that’s how you get toxic workplaces.

    @GUWonder — San Jose, CA generally has not come anywhere close to fulfilling its promise as a hotbed of innovation. Almost all the big name tech companies are physically closer to SJC/San Jose, as you say, yet SFO eats SJC’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night. Why? Who knows. Fewer crowds are not likely to be a big reason because there are times of day when SJC is very much crowded, the security lines backing up all the way down the escalator. And, while the prototypical “less busy” airport in our minds has some sort of cozy intimate homely charm, SJC does not have any of that. The interior design language is diarrhea.

  4. San Francisco more population dense than San Jose? Better connected with public transport. way more walkable, and with more cultural opportunities? San Fran is definitely a more known destination for foreign tourists than San Jose. Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz people know. What does San Jose have like that? 😀

    SJC is pretty dismal for an airport, but SJC is easier to access for those coming by road from places where SFO is further away and not worth the extra drive and costs related to going the extra distance.

    The airport has a weak and thin flight network for me, so I have rarely used it. Only when visiting San Jose and and needing a car around there do I consider SJC before SFO.

  5. Why does the American Airlines flight attendant union have to remind crew members to look out for one another (especially in foreign countries) on layovers? This should be understood.

  6. I called Marriott a few weeks ago as my certificates expired and they said no extension. I am a Titanium lifetime…is there someone senior at Marriott I can get in touch with?

  7. San Jose area has a huggge south Asian population and EK would have essentially zero competition for those who don’t want to make the trek to SFO for convenience. If EWR and JFK can both be served by airlines such as Air India, don’t see why SFO and SJC can also share some routes

  8. If ANA can make a go out of SJC when it has long established presence at SFO, EK might be able to as well. However, It would require a 777 to achieve the range to DXB and that is probably too much plane for SJC. Even ANA only flew 787-800s while SFO got the 777 and BA flies a 787 while SFO gets something beefier.

  9. If EK is being serious about SJC it’s because some corporate customers are pushing for service out of Silicon Valley…similarly to how Genentech had to commit big business to Swiss to entice them to SFO.

  10. I had no luck with extending my Marriott cert – I called twice (HUCA) but I was told they cannot extend any. I might have been a day or two out from the 1-month expiration, though.

  11. Yeah Gary, longtime Titanium here, Marriott is not extending FNC for me or many others. Not sure what data points you have or what distinction your making between 6/30 and beyond. Some clarification on how this is to be accomplished would be appreciated.

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