Family Flew To The Wrong Portland, And The Most Unlikely Person Paid For Their Tickets To Oregon

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  1. @ Gary — Air Canada competes with US airlines. Maybe they should try giving refunds to the Americans they have stolen from.

  2. ” ‘street pricing’ rules (that prices can be no more than 10% higher than off-airport) at a cost of $875,000 over 3 years.”

    News Flash: prices are waaaaay higher than 10% above off-airport prices.

    You’re welcome. Now, where can I collect my $875k ?

  3. Great story on the Portlands. I wonder how many folks have over the years booked tickets to SJO Costa Rica when they wanted SJC California?! Nobody who reads these blogs I am sure. 😉

    That said, you say they ended up in PDX, but you have the story reversed. They landed at Portland PDX in Oregon the article says, and then were finally saved and routed to Portland, Maine. I live in nearby Vancouver, WA, just across the river and moments away. I have seen a t-shirt that says something like “Vancouver, not Canada. Washington, not DC. Near Portland, not Maine.”

  4. On PDX vs. PWM, great TSO, also interesting the carrier? did not re-open the e-ticket coupons and re-accommodate the pax?

    Also I’m glad the mayor of MIA has some guts! If congress and the executive branch had some guts and weren’t bought off by the airlines, it would be interesting if they required airlines to dump all these shadowy contractor companies and in-source all the work themselves! So all the behind the scenes work would be required to be completed by employees on the airlines payroll with full airline benefits instead of the payroll of these shadowy slave labor contractors.

  5. They booked tickets to Portland through a travel agent. Shouldn’t the agent have asked in which state if they hadn’t volunteered that information? I’m glad the TSA agent is doing so well he could afford to chip in, but shouldn’t the travel agent be on the hook for the tickets from Oregon to Maine?

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