Federal Judge: “Imagine Christmas without Amazon!” and Every Tourism Slogan on a World Map

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • In ordering striking cargo pilots at ABX Air back to work, the judge in the case wrote “Imagine Christmas without Amazon!” All the more reason for the launch of Amazon’s own cargo airline.

  • Map with every country’s tourism slogan Most of the countries without one are in Africa. (HT: Marginal Revolution)

  • Despite Etihad’s best efforts at a turnaround, Alitalia remains a basket case — as it was when Air France tried to turn it around, and long before. The latest plan apparently calls for 700 – 2000 job cuts (out of a workforce of 12,700) and grounding up to 20 aircraft (mostly Airbus A320s). Etihad also wants to renegotiate terms of the transatlantic joint venture with Delta and Air France that was put in place when Air France controlled the Italian carrier.

  • In response to pilot union demands the CEO of Kenya Airways has resigned.

    The Kenya Airline Pilots Association had been pushing for the resignation of Ngunze and former chairman Dennis Awori since April.

    The call intensified after the airline encountered hitches that forced the delay of flights. The union accused Ngunze and his team of being unable to get the airline out of its financial woes.

    …The change also led the pilots union to call off a planned strike which had been deferred amid negotiations.

  • Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary sees a future where the airline sells $0 base fares. Of course the CEO of Ryanair also proposes charges for using the lavatory whenever he’s been out of the news for awhile. And base fares notwithstanding, there ain’t no such thing as a flight for 50p.

  • Grateful not to sit next to this guy and it has nothing to do with which candidate he supported.

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  1. ….you wouldn’t consider United for that longhaul flight but you don’t mention American, is it because they are so comfortable in their economy. You are so biased , pathetic.

  2. Man, America really is now one big Southpark episode, isn’t it? (THEY TOOK ‘R JOBS!!!!!)

    The most vile, pieces of trash in your society feel empowered now, feel as if their on top. Of course their not, and when this illusion explodes in their faces, it’s gonna be rough.

  3. Better him than the traumatized, entitled snowflakes burning and looting small businesses because the crime syndicate lost the election..

  4. @dude26 – At least learn the difference between “they’re” and “their” before you attempt to bash half a country.

  5. This drunk was a piece of trash before he started drinking. Of course that does not make him unique among Trumpeters.

    I might have gotten a black eye out of it and maybe he would have too – but instead of taking a video, I would have asked him politely, and then not so politely, to return to his seat. I am not obliged to listen to him.

    Tim and Ken, we are on our way to a civil war, only it’ll be about class warfare. And if you force me to, I can buy guns too, only more than you.

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