Fee-Free Visa Gift Cards, 5000 United Miles, and the New Hyatt LAX

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  1. From what I have read those gift cards are not pinnable. Probably worth mentioning before people jump in and can not liquidate them easily.

  2. Thanks for that comment. I was trying to figure out why none of the other sites posted this deal.

  3. Just ordered $3250 worth of gift cards from giftcardlab. We’ll see on the PIN. If you cannot (though I thought it was a law that required it…??), then I’ll just pay off bills with Evolve.

  4. Do you know what bank issues these cards? Some Debit cards do not work on Evolve either.

  5. Nope. We’ll see. If it doesn’t work, all I did was prepay spending I will do anyway, which I don’t mind since I’m meeting spending requirement deadline I needed by Wed anyway. I did free shipping to make them completely free of course, so won’t have them until end of next week probably. Will report back if I don’t find solid evidence before hand.

  6. So do they work on Evolve? I ordered them just for that reason, though can always liquidate on AP if need be.

  7. Someone on flyertalk reporting issues using Sunrise Bank gift cards on Evolve in May. I’m checking with him to see if he ever got it resolved.

  8. Does anyone know if Citi MC purchases are treated as cash advances for giftcardlab.com?

  9. I tried a Sunrise bank on Evolve this month to pay the mortgage and Evolve said it was not a debit card.

  10. Canceled my order on the phone, if someone hear differently about Evolve before the night is up let me know.

  11. Did the same but via email. I tried to cancel only one order though. I made two. One for meeting spending on AA 100k card and another for spending requirement I had more time on, but both orders got cancelled. When I looked closer, the order numbers are the same (wth?). Oh well. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll just use amazon tomorrow morning then.

  12. FWIW, I’ve used cards issued by Sunrise before to load BB. While the cards were not obtained from this vendor, I don’t expect problems. As best I recall, use the last 4 digits.

    Just don’t jump in over your head in case in doesn’t work out.

  13. IIRC, that hotel used to be a Hyatt 30+ years ago. So, what goes around, comes around.

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