Fewer Than 20 Seats Left for Frequent Traveler University

tommy777 posted on Milepoint yesterday that there are fewer than 20 tickets left for Frequent Traveler University.

Here’s the Frequent Traveler University Saturday schedule.

Here’s the current iteration on Sunday’s schedule:

Sunday Program (subject to change)

9AM-1130AM Meet and Work with the programs. Up to 6 of the major hotel and airline loyalty programs has individual programs throughout the morning. You can pick ONE hotel and ONE

We are working with United, American, Delta, US Airways and Southwest on the airline front and Hyatt, Starwood, Hilton, Priority Club and Marriott Rewards. Which ones who will attend, is TBD and will be decided by April 10th.

On April 10th, everyone who is signed up for the FTU will receive an email where you can choose which groups you want to attend. Please note: You can choose only ONE hotel and ONE airline program.

1130AM Lunch

1PM-4PM The Ultimate Credit Card Showdown

(break 230-245PM)

Randy Petersen, Gary Leff and Brian Kelly invites each of the credit card programs to present their product while critiquing under way.

At the end of the day, the trio will hand out the “Best Credit Card” trophy to the winner.

You can access the room block at the Sheraton Meadowlands here and register for the event here.

There’s also a Milepoint thread where folks are discussing the event.

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  1. What can we Exclusively gain here we cant already gain from the internet blogs, friends and forum? Do hotels/airlines give out gift elite status to us? Seems like only the speakers or bloggers got these perks before.

  2. @Mike I’m not sure I follow.

    I can’t tell you what you’ll learn here compared to talking to your friends, I suppose it depends on who are your friends!

    I do not expect hotels and airlines to give out status in exchange for your attendance. And I’m not sure what speakers or bloggers get free elite status? I do not have any status that has been given to me by virtue of being a blogger. Now, I have taken advantage of various PROMOTIONS for status, that were available to plenty of non-bloggers as well!

    Take a look at the Saturday schedule, you’ll see that there’s a panel specifically focused on the kinds of things not posted on blogs and rarely mentioned in forums. It’s off the record, no recordings allowed and a request for participants not to post the information, either.

    Whether or not it’s worth it to you to attend, well, that’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself.

  3. Totally worth it for me – Looking forward to hearing tips/tricks that aren’t already online, and meeting my favorite bloggers face to face!

  4. @Shon: This is the schedule for Sunday. For the Saturday schedule, follow the link to Milepoint that Gary provided. The event is two days.

  5. I bought a seat just a few minutes ago and will attend, but I think your readers should know that the room block discount is a joke. If you book that way, you pay the same that you would pay on the Starwood Meadowlands website with no promotion, but you have fewer choices available: Only 2 double beds, not a king bed. So stupid a trick to fall for. Gary, was this a test by the faculty of Frequent Traveler University? Do I win a prize?

  6. Can i attend only sunday? I am flying back from Europe that saturday afternoon and would like to attend the sunday sessions only if possible.

  7. I had a great time, met many people, and learned a lot in 2011 (Sheraton LGA), so I am truly sorry to discover that other commitments won’t allow me to attend this year. Best wishes to everyone who is able to attend. PM me the great tricks you learn!

  8. @AKTCHI – I thought attendees were sworn to secrecy? Can they really PM you the tricks?

  9. @mark – I was joking. Asking strangers to pm you their tricks is not a particularly effective way to accumulate them. Information is best exchanged within give-and-take relationships of trust, often built slowly over time. However, as far as “sworn to secrecy”, I am not sure exactly who administers that oath, but if anybody revealed a secret while expecting others to keep it, must have been some cool-aid they were drinking. 🙂

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