Fight At The Las Vegas Airport!

A fight broke out at the Las Vegas airport on Wednesday. They’re near slot machines, and not a gate, so it doesn’t appear to be passengers losing it over their flight. And there’s no reason to suspect it’s election-related.

What’s amazing is that there are actually two fights and they’re happening simultaneously beside each other. First you see a passenger in green going ‘fists of fury’ on a passenger dressed in brown, but notice to the right that there’s another group – a passenger in a black and red shirt doing his best Rowdy Roddy Piper on another passenger in all-black.

No one won a jackpot. We don’t even know the election results for certain yet as the state counts ballots on bankers’ hours. It’s not as though there are any unemployed workers in Las Vegas or anything (and several hotels on the Strip are now closing down midweek).

I think this all went down in the terminal 1 A concourse. Readers who have spent more time in the Las Vegas airport may be able to correct me. But if that’s the case it would also coincide with flights on… Spirit Airlines (or Allegiant), natch.

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  1. Maybe the passengers were traveling together, but some of them hadn’t been told yet that they’d be flying on Spirit. Breaking the news that you’d be flying in the back on Spirit once you’re already in the airport seems like a perfectly justifiable reason to start whaling on someone.

  2. This isn’t a new thing in Vegas during covid. There are multiple fights every weekend now as prices are so low that all the ghetto people are there.

  3. Good to know these travel-savvy passengers decided to have a fight while on the ground instead of joining a free-for-all fight-club in the air.

  4. Gary – the only port o subs that I know of that is in a gate area like that is at B25. I think that is Spirit!

  5. Hal,
    That’s a racist remark. Ghetto people because the flights are cheap. You wouldn’t like it if someone said all the hillbillies are traveling because the rates are low. The truth of the matter is…they are fighting ! Has nothing to do with rates.

  6. Whenever anything tawdry happens anywhere in the world in reasonable proximity to an airplane, you can count on the Thought Leader in Travel™ to be on the scene with reporting and analysis. Where we would be without this thought leadership in travel, I shudder to think.

    C’mon, Mr. Leff. You are smart, you have real insights into the airline business (especially loyalty), and you have analytical chops, which is why I haven’t totally given up on reading your blog. But this kind of “story” (not to mention stories about underdressed influencers, etc.) really should be beneath your notice.

  7. That’s the southwest side of the airport. B gate Spirit and Allegiant operate out of the A gate.

  8. Please try to realize you when you use the word ghetto… You’re really saying black… Don’t be ashamed of your racism you have a few more months before your racist leader will be escorted out of the White House… And then you can go back to living under a rock with your Old way-hillbilly-outdated—inbred kinfolk…

  9. Typical people these days. they want to film everything but nobody wants to get involved or at least get somebody to stop the fight before somebody gets seriously injured. This planet seems to have been overrun by zombie cowards who have become germaphobes. I hope you get attacked in the airport will see how you like it pal.

  10. This ridiculous there are so much going on in this world and we have people fighting at the airport this needs to stop 2020 has been a horrible year we need to start making the airport wow this is so ridiculous. When will we ever learn when will we ever get a loan when will we ever stop the violence. This country is falling apart. Unbelievable where were the cops?

  11. This ridiculous there are so much going on in this world and we have people fighting at the airport this needs to stop. 2020 has been a horrible year we need to start making changes.fighting at the airport WOW!!! this is so ridiculous.

    Can we all get along. When will the violence stop.
    This country is falling apart. Unbelievable,
    where were the cops?

  12. It is called Mccarren airport not Las Vegas get it right or don’t report about our beautiful city where people think you can do whatever you want and have no consequences.

  13. IFA per Hal’s remark. Your and idiot IFA. Ghetto has nothing to do with race. Hal isn’t making a racist remark. Your just retarded. Go hang yourself.

  14. Ha, I loved the light humor of this article. And the comments were entertaining as well. Except for Mr. Andy who seems to be lurking . Well I’ve never left a comment before, but I felt compelled to drop a note because I’m curious as to what Mr. Andy sees in your writing. Go get it!!!!

  15. @Brendan Elvis

    You are the one whose mind jumps to “black” when reading “ghetto,” so who is the racist? I assume you are the sort who considers it racist to point out the fact that blacks comprised 52.4% of US homicide offenders in 2018 while comprising just 13.4% of the population. This is about six times higher than the offending rate for whites. Should there be affirmation action for homicidal equity? Surely whites can catch up and do their fair share of killing.

  16. Gary-

    It’s racist to post these things when it perpetuates racial stereotypes. You should only post violent videos of white people.

  17. This wasn’t a fight! This was one man (in the red sweatshirt) who attacked people on a plane and then tried to attack another mans wife. The wife of man in red sweatshirt then sucker punched the other wife. They both were charged with battery.

  18. McCarran International/LAS is Las Vegas Airport’s official name if you’re gonna correct people professor! Everybody calm down …’bigger nuts to crack.‘

  19. slap all of them in jail for a week at their expense and sort it out later. the ones who started it get to stay another week. and if hard labor is an option, use it!

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