This Fight on a Plane is Just Crazy, But It’s Not the Airline’s Fault

Usually we just blame it on alcohol but I don’t even know what to say, these passengers are just nuts and they delayed an ANA flight this past week from Tokyo to Los Angeles by 90 minutes.

And after United called the police on a passenger and had him dragged off and bloodied, an American flight attendant got into an altercation with a mom and her baby, and a Delta pilot pounded a passenger (who probably deserved it) here’s a horrible thing that happened on a plane and didn’t even involve the airline’s crew.

The plane was scheduled to fly from Tokyo’s Narita International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport but had not yet taken off when a man in a red shirt abruptly turned around and told a passenger in a gray T-shirt that he was “going to kill him,” according to Hour.

“He literally just flipped,” Hour told The Washington Post by phone early Tuesday morning. “Nobody knows why.”

Here’s video from Monday’s flight NH6:

One Mile at a Time asks the obvious question we’re all wondering watching the video,

While the guy in the red shirt seems especially horrible, I’m not sure the other guy is much better. He’s beating the crap out of the guy in the red shirt… Does he really think that’s going to diffuse the situation?

Halfway through the video it seemed like the incredibly polite ANA flight attendants had things under control but then the guy in the red shirt comes back for more.

Now let’s all try to read our political beliefs into the situation, figure out what these passengers have to say about America. Because that’s fun.

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  1. More to this story than we’re being told. This story is also 1 week old. The guy in the red shirt was ultimately arrested. He obviously attended too may Trump rallies.

  2. If someone threatens to kill me and attacks, I’m feeling pretty justified to hit the guy back until he’s either down or backs off.

  3. “Usually we just blame it on alcohol but…”

    You should’ve written it the following way:
    “Usually I just blame it on alcohol but…”

    You’re welcome.

  4. The fight scene reminds me of something that happened to me in Thailand halfway through the Obama administration. I was eating breakfast and talking to a former Vietnam vet mostly about Vietnam. Maybe a little bit about politics.
    This guy, not drunk, said in an angry voice, “I can hear you”, and went on a angry rant about Bush.
    I said “Bush is not president any more, stop talking about him” in a calm voice.
    Then he said “I fight for my beliefs”, then he yelled “BUSH” and got up to attack me.
    My friend, also a policeman, made a couple of jokes and defused the situation. But if he had not been there, I would have had to fight.
    Based on this experience, I am guessing that the red shirt guy was part of the increasingly loony left, like Mark.
    Oh, BTW. Most of the violence at Trump rallies were AstroTurf, funded by the left. Google it.

  5. @DrEnjoy… nope he’s a Trump supporter because he gets arrested. Use your head.

  6. Guy in the Hawaiian shirt is pissed that this flight was going to have a larger carbon footprint than Google Flights indicated causing future disasters, He obviously attended too many Al Gore poetry slams.

  7. Trump has offered to pay for his legal expenses. He’s obviously uneducated and uninformed like most Trump supporters.

  8. I just love the passive-aggressive ‘somebody get this guy off the plane, but while he’s still here I may as well land a few more rights’ thing the ‘good’ guy has going on here. I think he was actually loving the fact that the other guy’s erratic behavior gave him carte blanche to punch.

  9. Guy in the Hawaiian shirt can’t be a Trump supporter since Trump supporters know that Hawaii isn’t a real state and you only support real states. America first!

  10. Hawaii isn’t even in the USA since President Obama was born there and Trump says Obama was not born in the USA!!

  11. Passengers who go violently nuts on (or in this case before) very long flights have frequently consumed ambien and alcohol at the same time. I’ll bet Hawaiian shirt guy has no recollection of this at all.

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