Find Out How Uber Drivers are Rating You After Each Trip

After each Uber ride, you can generally rate your driver. For the most part the ratings are 1-5. For a short while in Austin Uber was testing having riders rate their drivers with emojis.

  • As Uber signs on more and more drivers, they institute minimum ratings that drivers must maintain in order to stay on the platform. Uber’s local customer service may also reach out when you give an especially low rating.

  • Those minimum ratings can increase. So drivers do want to be rated well. That’s why you’ll see some cars offer bottled water or candy for instance.

In certain markets Uber has offered UberVIP where if you’ve taken enough rides in the market you can opt to only have the highest-rated drivers. However that can mean longer waits for a ride.

Uber drivers rate you as well. Although it doesn’t matter nearly as much. Consistent problem customers can be invited to no longer use the platform — and either get a new phone or take up with Lyft instead.

A rider’s number is more of a curiosity. Uber will tell you your number. You used to have to ask. Now it’s in the app. And in fact they will now give you your average rating to two decimal places.

My average rating is 4.77:

Now, I have only tipped a driver once. That was near the Seattle airport when someone in my party got sick in the car. They didn’t make a mess, but it was still pretty gross and I felt I had to make good.

One of the unique selling propositions of Uber is that it’s cashless. You get in, you get out, there’s no friction in the process. I wouldn’t object per se if there was a tipping function (the way there is in the Starbucks app) even though I do not like tipping culture. But I am not going to start carrying cash for that purpose.

Some drivers report in their discussion forums that they rate down customers who do not tip. In my case it hasn’t hurt my score. And I do not think I would care if it did.

Want to know your score? Here’s how:

  1. Open the Uber app.
  2. Choose ‘Help’ from the menu
  3. Then ‘Account’
  4. Then – about 10 items down – “I’d like to know my rating”

You’ll be offered a screen that gives you the chance to see your average rating from all the rides you’ve taken.

Want to know how your next driver rated you?

  • Check your score before the ride
  • Check your score after you’ve received your next rating
  • Do math

Let’s say I’ve taken 20 rides and have a 4.50 rating.

  • If I have a 4.52 rating after the ride, it means the driver gave me a 5.
  • A 4.48 means the driver gave me a 4.
  • A 4.43 means the driver gave me a 3.
  • A 4.38 means the driver gave me a 2.
  • A 4.33 means the driver gave me a 1.

An unchanged rating means you haven’t been rated for the ride.

(HT: One Mile at a Time who has a 4.6 rating.)

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  1. Only used the service twice so far. It now says I have a 5.0. It said 4.0 when I checked it a few weeks ago.

  2. 5.0. I use Uber frequently when I travel in the US, Mexico and Europe. I have never tipped.

    My experience with Uber customer support has been remarkable.

  3. 5.0 & I did not know that I should tip. All my rides have been to come home from drinking or to fetch my car at the bar the next day. I drink just enough to fail a Breathalyzer (70–100 mg/dl a.k.a. .07–.10%.) Tipsy, never stupidly or sick drunk.

  4. 4.92 & never tip.

    Gary, how do you find how many times you have used Uber? Trip History tab only goes back so far.

  5. I can see this becoming a dating tool, a banking tool etc.

    A good Uber # is a great date, a great credit risk etc. I am still unbanked.

  6. We have our tip included via the Uber app. Do the drivers know ahead of time what riders have included the tip and the percentage? If so, tipping well may garner quicker service,.

  7. 4.85, never tip, but I always tell the driver I rate them 5.0 because I know how important it is to them. Many of the drivers then immediately reply with “and 5 for you as well”. Little psych trick.

  8. Hmmmm. Got a 5. While I generally agree tipping should not be encouraged and cash tipping subverts the whole issue of simplicity that Uber has brought about, in some countries (central America) I’ve taken to giving a driver an extra $1 or two, and almost have to force it on them. The cost of rides can be so low (under $5) I figure the driver should get a bit more and a buck to him means a lot more than a buck to me.

  9. I’m wondering if the score presented online is accurate. Example: I use Uber quite a bit, sometimes more that 2-3 times a day. My score yesterday AM was 4.91. After 2 rides yesterday I checked again this morning.. still 4.91. Does this mean that score are, A) not updated instantly or B) not affected if a driver chooses not to rate me? It really doesn’t matter much to me, and as a general rule I don’t tip also, but I would question the accuracy of these so-called scores.

  10. I’m now getting a little spiteful on this… after I was rated down by a driver, I was furious…. I say hello, I’m polite, ask how they are, say goodbye… but it was a short trip, so perhaps they didn’t like that – or the lack of tip.

    So now I wait to see my score, and then score them accordingly. If it goes down – so does their score.

    It’s pure spite I admit – but the world has gone made if i’m being penalised for being a friendly, considerate passenger who – god forbid – uses their service!

  11. yes tony you are a cheap uber rider
    you expect the driver to spend a half hour getting to you in rush hour
    then take you around 2 miles and he only gets $3
    id put you at a 1 star too
    and people who do not tip and only go 1 or 2 miles are the worst riders
    I always give those guys 3 stars if they tipped and do more then look at their phone id give em 5 stars or on a decent trip not a 2 mile ride in rush hourc

  12. paul — sounds like you have a problem with the platform, not the riders. screw you for rating down people who aren’t doing anything wrong.

  13. My Crotch is right, or not, whatever
    4.97, I am polite but never tip and have always rated 5

  14. Someone here (Amy) said they include the tip in the Uber app but tipping on the app isn’t possible unless you’re using the taxi option. It is cash tip for UberX and black car service only, unless she is confusing it with Lyft who does allow in app tipping.

    I live in DC and the drivers are getting really rude about the not tipping and then hitting me hard on my rating. First, I never take UberX unless I have tip money because it is not expensive to use UberX but Uber black car, I don’t always tip unless I have suitcase or bags which they have to put in trunk. For those times, I have planned ahead and have small bills like a $5. During my normal life, I find I need a ride a lot but I don’t always have the cash on me and I’ve discussed it with a few drivers and every one said it was up to me and they didn’t expect tips driving Uber Black Car.

    This week using Uber Black Car, I had a 4.85 then after next ride 4.83, next ride a couple hours later I had a 4.82. The first driver chatted the whole trip pleasantly and it was over $36.00 trip. The only thing I did that could have upset him was not tipping. I didn’t do anything like slam the door too hard, didn’t drink their water or leave any trash or break something. I don’t tell anyone what route they should take, I greeted drivers by their name and said thank you. Next driver where my score ended in 4.82 I didn’t chat with since he didn’t seem interested and traffic was getting busy. I still greeted him by name and said thank you but didn’t tip because again I didn’t have any cash. My trip cost $41.00.

    Today I had tip money and so I took UberX, I tipped both drivers $5 even though the 2nd driver was a pretty bad driver but at least he didn’t speed. My score remains at 4.82

    so I’m not happy because probably neither friendly UberX driver rated me. Personally I blame Uber the company for not allowing tips in the app.because it hurts both driver and now the rider gets judged harshly with a low rating. I tip every taxi driver when I pay them with my credit card 25% in the cab and I have to flag them down or find a taxi stand because not one taxi has ever responded to pick me up using the Uber app and I also downloaded the D.C. Taxi app and no taxis are ever available on their app either. I’m really wanting other travel options while the metro system is being repaired because Uber has gotten under my skin with their stubbornness of not putting tipping options in the app. If you read their new terms of service they say tipping your driver is great and you can do it in cash. Not helpful Uber.

  15. I get sick and tired of the tip / leech culture. If you don’t like what the job pays, go flip burgers or shovel sidewalks. A “tip” by definition is a gratuity and depends exclusively on my free-will decision / evaluation and whether or not I happen to have cash on me. If you think you are entitled to something extra, go line up at the food stamp office.

    I do as Tony mentioned. If possible, I wait to see what I was scored. If it goes down, they get a “1”. If I score them a “5” before seeing what they scored me and I later see my score had gone down, I go and adjust that “5” to a “1”.

  16. It’s not true that you can tip in the Uber app like someone else mentioned here in comments, nor is the tip included. Take a look at the NEW Uber terms or FAQ and it says, tipping your driver is great and you can do it in cash. Lyft does have tipping in the app and Uber allows tipping in the taxi option only. I don’t agree with Uber’s stubbornness of not adding tipping in the app because now it’s getting unfair with drivers taking it out on riders giving them a low rating for not giving a tip.

    I don’t take UberX unless I do have cash on me because UberX is inexpensive and I know the drivers don’t make a lot but Uber black car is not cheap and I have had a few conversations with Uber Black Car drivers about tipping and what the etiquette should be and the ones who I asked said that they are professional and don’t expect a tip especially if Uber doesn’t make app tipping available. I still give them a tip if I have cash on me, but that is IF I have cash. Sometimes I take Uber unexpectedly and I don’t have any cash. Sometimes I take Uber Black because I want a more professional driver driving me when I have to go to areas with a more complicated traffic situation. I have had quite a few bad UberX drivers; some made huge driving mistakes and I refuse to chance it going to some extreme traffic areas here.

    Now the driver attitude seems to be changing here in DC. And I’m getting rated harshly, I began this week with a rating of 4.85,,took Uber Black for over $36.00 trip and didn’t tip; my rating then changed to 4.83, my driver had pleasantly chatted the whole trip, and I am behaved, I never make a driver wait, I include my destination, don’t slam the door, don’t eat in the car, don’t drink their water, don’t leave trash, don’t use my phone, don’t tell them what route they should take…but I didn’t leave a tip. So bam, my rating took a hit.

    A couple hours later I took Uber Black again but I don’t chat with driver because he doesn’t seem interested and traffic was getting busy. I kept with my code of conduct greeted him using his name and thanked him but I again didn’t tip on over $41.00 trip. Checked my rating and it went down to 4.82.

    Today I got tip cash and took 2 UberX rides and tipped both drivers $5.00 each and neither driver must have rated me because my rating stands at 4.82 so it seems to me I’m fighting a losing battle. I’d use a regular taxi if I could get one to come to where I live. None are ever available and the DC Taxi app says the same thing, unless you can flag one down there are none available through the app and I live on Capitol Hill.

    I’m not into this rating system without accountability for both rider and driver. You should have give a reason for low ratings. I’ve heard riders giving a 1 or 2 star rating for a driver playing music they didn’t like; that’s not right either. Both need to know the reason for a low rating because I read forums where Uber drivers say they don’t pick up riders who have 4.7 ratings and drivers get deactivated for an overall low rating. I appreciate these services but it is stressing me out at the moment.

  17. Can you please delete one of my 2 comments? I didn’t think the 1st one posted because I had a typo in my email address, so I posted close to the same thing again. Sorry

  18. I’ve considered long and hard the tit-for-tat tactic that J.C. and Tony mentioned and why shouldn’t I? However, the system is getting polluted and messed up with retaliation by both driver and rider. Uber’s rating system is now a stupid system that feels like high school politics. I’m thinking of bailing when I come up another reliable, better option. I’m waiting on an answer from Uber after I contacted them about my experience. Considering Uber called me on the phone once after I gave an Uber Black Car driver a 3 star rating and wanted an explanation for the rating; I deserve the same kind of explanation but I don’t think they will address it. If they cared about what people thought, they would’ve added in app tipping instead of emojis and praise for the driver.

  19. The people who don’t tip are the same people who expect you to wait as they shop for beer and take 3 detours to pickup their drunk friends. They’re called millenials. Thr minimum fare is $2.62. Wake up and act like a human instead of an entitled millenial who thinks Uber drivers are personal assistants. People who have been raised to be functional human beings tip. When I get one of you people who are so proud they are cheap and get a thrill screwing over a driver I give you 5 starts today then change it to 1 thr next day.

  20. @ John123, and I do the same. I check my rating the day after. If it dropped, I go and change yours to 1 star.

  21. I just started checking my rating a few months ago. I had a perfect 5 star rating after my first 15-16 rides but after checking it lately, I noticed I was getting 3-star and 4-star reviews.

    I’m nice to the drivers, don’t chat unless they do and am always ready when they arrive, so I really don’t appreciate being rated poorly.

    I’ve started checking my ratings now before rating a driver and if they give me a 3 or 4 star rating, I just give them a 1 star rating in exchange.

    At first I felt bad, but the truth is, they’re abusing the system, so it is worthwhile to stop or punish them for doing so.

  22. Wait a few days then change their rating. Uber has set it up so riders have all the power. They see the raring you give them after the fare and will respond accordingly. If you start rating them down and you drop below 4.58 they’ll take you offline. Meanwhile the rider can is only pulled off Uber if they are overrly racist, violent etc and you have proof. It’s a rigged game

  23. I’m a driver

    You use us because we’re so cheap but operating a vehicle is expensive. Uber takes 28% off the top, then Uncle Sam, then operating the vehicle. Never mind all those goodies you guys like so much.

    You need to tip a couple bucks. It’s just polite and helps offset the steeply discounted service you’re receiving. You tip someone who walks a plate to your table but not a private car. Ridiculous.

    And yes some drivers rate you 1 star if you don’t, I don’t but many do and if you drop low enough you’ll find not a lot of drivers are going to pick you up. Also, it’s just the polite thing to do because you KNOW your driver isn’t taking home very much. It’s $2, get over it.

  24. @ Lyft Monkey: Instead of being a whiny little bitch because you’ve made poor personal choices, you should focus on getting Uber to put tipping into the app.

    Your analogy about tipping restaurant servers is beyond lame. Their tip can be put on your card. Try eating somewhere other than McDonald’s and see.

  25. The bitch and troll in diapers here friend, is you. You offered nothing constructive to the thread other than personal insults and attacks. It’s beyond cowardly and weak to hide behind your computer making puerile statements. In that light, wipe the Cheeto dust off your bloated beer stained shirt, move out of Mom’s basement and learn how to be a big boy and use your indoor voice.

  26. @ John123: Your momma must be proud of you that your personal success story involves begging for tips. Suppose that’s why they fired you from the McD’s drive-thru where you also felt entitled to a customer’s spare change. You are nothing but a panhandler on wheels.

  27. @J.C. This is like a cat playing with a mentally challanged mouse. If you can’t even form coherent sentences or track the subject at hand please listen to the attendant in the white jacket, take your meds and go back to your cell. White trash shouldn’t try sarcasm. You have neither the intelligence nor wit to keep up.

  28. @ John123: Poor John, the Uber beggar. You could solve all your struggles and eliminate your need to beg by learning to stretch your food stamp allocation until the end of the month. Not like a real job awaits a dimwit like you. Must suck being you and having doors slammed in your face once they learn you are still on parole.

  29. Sweetie, you just aren’t making sense and more importantly you are boring me. Bye Bye!!

  30. Came across this thread when searching for advice on being rated as a passenger. I noticed my frequent routes have increased in price. I read on the internet that Uber began an experiment on 5/27 to increase costs for regular customers to see how much they would tolerate.
    The cost first went up 20%, then 25%, then 30%, now about 35% over the past few days. This is for the same trip at the same time. It used to cost $13 or $14 for a 21 or 22 minute trip of about 15 or 18 miles. Suburban highways, light traffic. I asked Uber about this but did not get a direct response. I read this on Reddit from a site called NeuWin or something like that. It came up on a Google search entering words like “recent Uber rate increase for passengers.” I did not take the usual route. I went a different way. The cost for about 10 miles was $14. The next day at the same time it went up to $17.50. I did not take it. Has anyone else experienced this? This site has been helpful. My rating is 4.94. I don’t know why it went down from 5

  31. Uber doesn’t pay very, keeps 40% of the pay, and doesn’t compensate for fuel or any other related expenses.

    tip your Uber driver

  32. That’s your problem, not mine.

    Put tipping into the app and you will get more tips. You need to pressure Uber in that aspect, not your customers. Otherwise brush up on your burger flipping skills.

  33. I’ve only done 3 uber rides so far but it’s saying that my aerase rating is “none stars.” Is this because they forget to rate me or I’m too new?

  34. 85% of riders dont rate younunless you beg. Millenials are better about rating but the yield it like a sword

  35. Billy, I can’t tell if you’re a driver or a rider but as a rider I haven’t been rated probably for at least my last 4 months. May be less important to the drivers to bother rating riders these days? I have no idea.

  36. That’s very strange. As a driver I’m forced to rate each rider to close out the fare. The only way I can bypass that prompt is to close and re-open the app.

    Regardless, ratings are much more important to drivers than riders. It sucks that riders who had a great experience dont rate you as often as those who are impossible to please. All riders should have to rate drivers just like drivers. It would keep the rating well above the crucial 4.58

  37. My app also forces me to rate the driver either at the end of the ride or, if I ignore it, when I next open the app.

    Besides, it’s so easy. I always rate my driver.

  38. If you can’t tip your driver, then you’re rude and cheap,
    Uber is taking close to 50% of the fare, then we have to pay gas, oil changes changes at Keats monthly, new tires evey 3-5 months. And if I’m driving 10 minutes to pick you up, and it’s. $3 ride, I loss money.

    Don’t be cheap and rude.
    You’re riding Uber because it’s the cheapest option.
    If I don’t get tipped it’s 1 star rating.
    Some rides we lose money and many rides we do are free.

  39. @ Uber Driver: I don’t believe you get fares that are only $3.00. Sure you aren’t inventing stories? The cheapest I have ever been charged is $6.15 and that was less than 1/2 mile from my house.

    I agree that barring unusual circumstances it is appropriate to tip. Still, I wonder if people who actually use Uber because it is so cheap aren’t the same folks who can’t possibly tip because they don’t have two nickels to rub together. Anyhow, I check my rating after every trip and if I see a driver has rated me below 5, I rate him a 1. A low rating doesn’t hurt me, but it can kill a driver.

  40. The base fare after Uber takes its cut is $2.82. The fare you are charged is not the amount the driver receives. I have several base fares a day. He’s not “inventing stories” he’s presenting you with facts. So, you intentionally try to screw over a driver knowing it could take them off the platform if they don’t give you 5 stars? That is a major dick move. Is your ego that fragile? Not sure why you are trolling in here. Why don’t you go “flip burgers” why we try to improve our service to people who deserve it.

    Also, if a person is so poor they can’t tip you wouldn’t be taking an Uber, you’d be taking the bus. Remember public transportation?

    This whole issue is resolved IMO. Uber finally added tipping into the app. I would not expect a tip from you but I’d certainly give you 1 star and have Uber never match me with you again. Life is too short for people like you. Please go elsewhere. You bore me with your ignorance and self absorption.

  41. @Baby Driver: If not for your extra chromosome, you might have been able to read what I wrote. I didn’t say I don’t tip.

    Maybe in your ghetto or major metropolitan area there is convenient public transportation, but not in other areas. Whatever the circumstances, there must be a reason why, as you claim, so many people don’t tip. I don’t believe it’s because 85% of the people are cheap and out to screw you. Further, if Uber takes 50% of the fare, that’s your problem, not mine. People aren’t aware what your financial agreement with a Uber is. I’m sure the vast majority of Uber riders believe out if a $7 fare, you get at least $5. If you aren’t happy with what Uber pays you, go drive for Lyft. Or beg the McDonald’s manager to give you your old job back.

    And it’s called reciprocity. If you give someone a low rating, you’ve no reason to turn whiny little bitch when they rate you low, also. What comes around, goes around. If it means you get kicked off the Uber platform, good riddance.

  42. Why am I not surprised someone like you would disparage the mentally challenged and call your self out as a racist in one incoherent rant. Only ghettos have public transportation and clearly I must live in a ghetto which clearly is a bad thing.

    Why are you in these forums trolling drivers? Did you take a fancy to some studly driver and he turned you down? Perhaps he decided he didn’t want to wait around for 20 minutes while you shopped for tiki torches on your way to Charlottesville.

    I said 85% of people don’t rate you and corrected you on what the base rate is. Just facts. Perhaps you should brush up on your remedial reading at whatever penitentiary you currently reside at.

    Again, the tipping issue has been addressed in the Uber platform and certainly in this thread. It should be closed. Your personal issues and clear self-hatred are for a forum in another group on another website. Please move on and go waste other people’s time.

  43. @The Baby Driver: No wonder you have to rely on food stamps. Why would someone tip a turd like you? They take one look at your pointy little head and, if they can even get past the stench, find out you have the IQ of a retarded gerbil and realize you aren’t even worth the $3 Uber gives you.

    Whiny little bitch snowflakes like you will eventually get dumped by Uber anyhow; it’s just a matter of time. You need to get a head start and start trying to memorize “Would you like fries with that Big Mac, sir?” now if you are planning on serious career advancement. Do it to make your parole officer proud.

  44. I just noticed my rating this morning. 4.88? Eh. I don’t tip. Why? I take uber twice a day to get to work. I’m polite, however, and I meet the driver outside. Im not a huge talker.

    I’ve tipped twice. Once, to a guy who took me on a 20mi trip. I felt bad bc I had a first timer discount.
    Second time, the guy gave candy and was funny. He deserved a tip. Beyond that, it’s not practical for me. Tipping is customary and people may not tip for all sorts of reasons. It’s the employer’s responsibility to pay their people a decent wage, not mine. Tell your boss to include tipping in the final price.

    I have to reach a destination. You offer up your car for a predetermined price. Whats the problem?

    I’m a nurse. No one tips me for doing my job and I only render aid and help save lives.

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