First Class Passenger Assaults American Airlines Flight Attendants, Loses It During Arrest

A severely drunk 23 year old American Airlines first class passenger threatened flight attendants, assaulted them and threw her luggage at them on a flight to Dallas. Police responded to the gate on arrival at DFW airport. The passenger told officers that she was the one mistreated, though, and that American’s cabin crew were harsh with her.

Police decided that she was so inebriated that she couldn’t be left unsupervised. They arrested her, and she she became hostile towards them.

Video is worth watching if only for a rare glimpse of Dallas – Fort Worth airport jail, which most people don’t get to see. Just be aware up front that the passenger’s language is frequently not safe for work (or work from home):

The passenger had one jack and coke on the plane, according to crew, so presumably she had alcohol before the flight, too. Flight attendants had conferred with the captain who radioed ahead for law enforcement.

In the video you can see law enforcement meet the flight, and a flight attendant explains that the woman threated to “kick [her] ass.” The flight attendant said she was “too scared” to say anything to the passenger about the police being there, so they let her off like any other flight.

Sitting in row 1, she was first off the plane and encountered the officers waiting for her on the jet bridge. They escorted her to the gate area for questioning over her inflight conduct. She explained that it was her first time traveling solo (without her mother) and her first flight since she was a teenager.

I think my favorite part is when she admitted to “an alcoholic beverage, I was in first class, they were obligated to give me that.” (Emphasis mine.) Also she calls herself “a regular citizen of society.” During questioning she explained her side of the story.

  • The flight attendant was supposed to provide service, but didn’t even look at her or acknowledge her, “I paid money for that s—.”
  • She didn’t do anything abnormal “just look at the cameras on the plane.”

Officers arrested her. She wanted to immediately contact her ride that was picking her up at the airport. They wouldn’t allow it until she was in temporary detention to sober up, and she became even more agitated.

Once in custody, they explained, she could make unlimited phone calls – and she faced only a minor charge ‘equivalent to a traffic violation.’ (It was a public intoxication charge, a class C misdemeanor.) That didn’t settle her. She was heading into confinement – the airport’s on-site jail – and she lost it. That lead to even greater confinement, restraint by the officers.

The events took place October 22, but police body cam video have only more recently become available.

(HT: Live and Let’s Fly)

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  1. I watched for ten minutes and she doesn’t seem “severely” drunk to me. I think you should remove that adjective.

  2. Gary – the challenge is there is no socialization process to prepare people for travel.
    School is dedicated to at least try to prepare people for life and adulthood, but I would say that 70% of the population still fail miserably.
    (Look forward to a lot of boomers surprised money ran out in the next decade.)
    There is no prep process for air travel.
    Face it: to slide through the airport without friction takes a lot of experience and practice.
    In this story, we have someone who (on first reading) has a relatively spoiled life and has what appears a habit of treating people poorly. Add alcohol and you find that character defects are magnified.
    Too bad, but still no sympathy.

    Maybe we should try to have “Golden Books” write a book on travel behavior.

  3. Still… I do question WHY a 30 minute interaction and arrest is available on YouTube?!?
    Do police now randomly upload interaction videos?
    Guilty before proven innocent?

  4. “ the challenge is there is no socialization process to prepare people for travel.”

    Are you kidding? She’s never been on a bus, boat, amusement park ride, etc.?

    There’s no “process.” You get on the plane, you sit down, the plane takes off, cruises and lands and you get off. That’s all there is to it.

    But somehow, she couldn’t manage that. I’ve seen unattended kids on flights that behave. She can’t!?!?

  5. She’s trash… Sadly, it’s a reflection of our society these days. I feel sorry for her seatmate, as well as everyone that had to deal with her (Flight Attendants, Captain, police).

  6. @T
    I agree, she appears much older than 23, evidenced by the sagging breastline. AND, she ain’t no lady; she’s just a plain woman. Lady is a term reserved for women with some class.

  7. A very young person in distress, even if self inflicted. Is it really necessary to release this video to the public for ridicule, I wonder. Hoping she’ll move on and not drink excessively again before flying.

  8. @David R Miller – “iAnother liberal DemocRat voter”.

    What makes you think this?

    This site is dead to you. Leave.

  9. A colleague whom I respect has raised his kids to navigate air travel well. He’s had these pre 10-years olds (at the time) read PNRs, figure out how to use the annunciator board, how to read gate numbers and directions, how to “check in”, etc. This isn’t taught in any school.

    However, I don’t think that there should be a specific class on how not to be an a-hole that applies to airports, aircraft, GAs, FAs, pilots, LEOs, etc. It’s like Dalton said: “Be polite.” Gary has many stories here and some aren’t reddit redos… and if you’re nice and polite sometimes karma puts in you in Y+ and sometimes even better. If you’re a hostile piece of “work” sometimes you get your rump back in that seat and stay quiet, and sometimes you end up seeing the other side of the bars. Not the kind of bars that serve “only one drink”.

    p.s. the words I’ve used here are to conform with that standard of politeness. I’d use different words when speaking with friends or in another forum. This story is Yet Another Anecdote of “Trash will be trash.”

  10. I suspect she is learning that there are consequences to your decisions and that alcohol consumptions makes for poor decision making. People are very young now for their age.

  11. Hard to believe that anyone would comment here about any sympathy they might have for this loser chick or even remotely try to justify her behavior or defend her.

  12. She did not look “severely drunk”, just got agitated later. I think this video shows how our society wastes resources. All she needed was someone in civilian clothes meet her and walk with her to the luggage belt and waiting mother/boyfriend. You could explain to her, “We are offering personal greeting service to selected First Class passenger.” 🙂

  13. @Mark DiSabatino
    They’re probably the “Not My Little Angel” type. Their “little Angel” is a reflection of their upbringing. She’s only 23 so she’s learning the hard way how not act when Mommy isn’t around.

  14. Well, that’s not the outside of Terminal D, so it wasn’t an international flight. It was a CHEAP first class seat. Probably an upgrade too.

  15. Get rid of bars in airports and you will see the amount of these episodes go down. Some people can’t control themselves and this is what you get.

  16. When traveling on Spirit Airlines, this passenger should enjoy meeting other spring break passengers at the Miami airport bars before the usual departure gate brawl.

  17. “I didn’t do nuthin’ and now you’re arresting me for no reason.”

    As a Gen Z she’s required to say that.

  18. Sad, we’ve come to this. I agree with Zebraitis. Jobs with an airline used to be prestigious. I couldn’t be an FA for nuthin’. I’m too old school.

  19. drunkenness on flights and threatening crew is nor like a traffic ticket. It should be charged as a misdemeanor at the minimum. The whole flight and all its pax are put at risk.
    Its time for cameras in the cabin to substantiate behavior. And a warning that bad behavior and not following crew directions will result in an arrest upon landing.

  20. Well, that was entertaining.

    She had the right to remain silent, just not the ability.

    She would have been busted up in oklahoma.

    Bothers me that people like her make a case for not serving alcohol on a plane. and I absolutely need alcohol on a plane. Public intox was way too light for this crazy loon.

  21. @Tomcat – international flights do *depart* from other terminals, they just do not arrive at other terminals. when I was at DFW a week and a half ago the paris flight was leaving from A, actually. for what it’s worth.

  22. After watching the entire video I think her boyfriend should get away while he can. He’s seen her in this situation before, and knew what to ask the officer for.

  23. The only thing that really scares me is angry drunk people. If she has that much freedom to mouth off to the police, can you imagine sitting next to her?

  24. Def didn’t expect for this white gurl to start dropping N-bombs, especially in front of multiple black people. She buck wild!

    I do like her physical attributes tho.

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