First-hand Pilot Testimony Of UFO, Hertz Devaluing Points On Tuesday [Roundup]

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  1. @ Gary — Toi bad for Hertz that we have no points. Used a ton of them at great value during 2020. Still haven’t been arrested, but will not be renting from them again until they stop filing police reports against their customers. Maybe they could add a no-arrest protection as an elite benefit. They could even give it a cute name and register it as a TM, like “The Hertz No Arrest Elite Guarantee.” Of course, OJ Simpson would be the spokesperson.

  2. Not a surprise with most hotel ocleaning standards
    The green movement of not washing towels and linens between guests if they look clean enough was a horrible idea.far worse sanitary wise then will mounted toiletries
    Have a non sexual family member that caught scabies from a new 4 star Hilton Clearly from comforter sheets and or towels
    With Monkey pox now it’s far more concerning

  3. 1. Gary, thanks for pushing hard on this Hertz problem of getting their customers arrested. I can’t believe this isn’t more mainstream. United breaks one guitar and “United Breaks Guitars” – or one guy (Dao) gets beaten and dragged and the whole industry moves to $10k involuntary denied boardings. Hertz? Best we get is the CEO sheepishly admitting to the situation.

    2. Hotels are dirty, we’ve known this long before covid. Housekeepers are given very little time to clean each room. Even when they change the sheets, they’re using dirty hands that have just been wiping the toilet. This is true everywhere except the extreme top end – Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, etc.

    Bottom line? Stay with friends when you travel. Friends you trust, obviously, and give them a lavish gift — still cheaper than a hotel room these days. I’d rather sleep on a decently maintained couch than a hotel where (I think an investigation once revealed) the average comforter is stained with the … uhhhh … DNA of at least 30 men.

  4. I get a good corporate rate on Hertz for personal rentals, so continue to use them. Unfortunately, I got my status with them via United, and that expired last year, even if they extended my status one year, it will likely end this year.

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