Flavor Flav Flies Southwest, Gets Up in Aisle, Declares “Today the back of the plane is 1st class!!!!”

Somewhat like Justin Ross Lee playing Robin Hood and taking bottles of first class champagne and running through the economy cabin and pouring it for passengers, on a Southwest flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas on Saturday Flavor Flav passed out peanuts and pretzels in a supposed effort to democratize the already relatively democratic (small ‘d’) airline.

Flav grabbed a bag of peanuts and pretzels (with the crew’s blessing) and began handing them out to the stunned passengers.

At one point, Flav proclaimed, “Today the back of the plane is 1st class!!!!”

    flavor flav southwest flight
    Flavor Flav Southwest Flight Robin Hood!

(HT: Paul H. whom we won’t judge for reading TMZ.)

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  1. View From the Wing, soon to be found at your local grocer check out counter.

    On a more serious note, did Alaska Air jump the rainbow shark?

  2. I was on an AA flight from ORD-DUB a few years ago in J and during boardinging i hear in a super loud voice “flavor flav is in house!”. i look up and there he is w/ giant clock and all 🙂 There was a large tour group in J of about 20 people w/ the average age of 90 and they had zero clue who he was. He is very friendly and talkative and said something to just about everybody near him. It was pretty funny watching him as well as the people in the tour group’s reractions. He’s definately a charachter!

  3. Pro travel tip: Don’t try wearing a large ticking device around your neck while going through security. It just doesn’t end well. (Flavor Flav excepted.)

  4. What is a Flavor Flog? Movie star? rapper, ex con? Singer?
    I Never heard of it am I too old?
    Can he get me a reserved seat in the new SW first class?

  5. @Shaun I had a similar run-in with Flavor Flav at Red Rocks Casino in Vegas about ten years ago. He was playing craps at the table over from me. Very energetic person that was constantly entertaining the crowd that gathered around him. I had no intention of getting up or dealing with the mob to talk to him, but you could hear him loudly and friendlily chatting with everyone close by.

  6. Flav’s a cartoon character but I’ve always had a soft spot for him, he grew up a few blocks away from me

  7. Good thing he was allowed to do what many children have done before on Southwest, hand out snacks. My daughter and her cousin were allowed to walk the treat basket the length of the plane, they loved. Apparently Flav just channeled his inner 8 year old!

  8. @NoNo: YesYes you are! He’s an entertainer who entertains and from the words of these other comments – delightfully so. If the crew allowed it then apparently it was no problem and they enjoyed him as well.
    I’ve been on board w/ other so-called celebs who truly fit your description of dumba.. (Bill Russell)! Flav is just naturally entertaining w/ no harm.

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