Flight Attendant Dances When Anti-Mask Couple Gets Tossed From Southwest Flight

After passengers on a Southwest Airlines flight were kicked off for refusing to wear masks, the rest of the plane cheered – and a flight attendant broke out in dance.

A viral TikTok video begins mid-argument over mask-wearing. Even before masks were federally mandated on planes, they were required by all U.S. airlines, and Southwest Airlines didn’t even exempt two year olds (in fact, they’ve booted two year olds for violating mask rules more than once).

Everyone is made aware of the mask rules prior to flight, and agrees to them by boarding the aircraft. Oddly, the woman engaging in a heated argument about the rule is wearing her mask when the video begins. She had previously been instructed to put it on. She did so, but wouldn’t stop fighting what she believed was the good fight.



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The passenger let it be known that anyone who claimed she broke masks rules was a liar, and gave the middle finger to the rest of the aircraft which had been getting riled up by the confrontation.

Numerous passengers cheered as the woman and her travel companion were booted off the plane. And at the end of the video, once the departing passengers had cleared the aircraft, a flight attendant comes forward and does a dance of joy.

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  1. Oh, they love being little nazi storm troopers. They couldn’t get elected class president in school, but now they have been given an ounce of power and they are going to excersise it anywhere they can….be damned the concequences to anyone else.

    US airlines are allowed to commit fraud by selling services they know they can’t provide.

    They are allowed to walk all over labor laws and demand that their employees do hours of work unpaid every day, doing tasks essential to the safety of the passengers they carry.

    US airlines are now allowed to invent any dumb rule they like and deny people the flights they have paid for when they supposedly break them.

    They are allowed to cancel flights and just refuse to return the money people paid for them.

    US airlines are the only business regularly allowed to blatantly break the law with absolutely no repercussions at all. They are criminals, plain and simple….the modern day mob. Air travel is an essential service….they should be re-regulated and brought to their knees until their wealthy boards and C levels have to save for a year to be able to afford tickets to travel in coach just like the rest of their customers. No more bail outs, no more seats that half the population can’t physically fit into, no more canceled services that customers are still charged for….just decent and affordable flights where customers and employees alike are treated like human beings again.

  2. All that drama because she had wear a mask. Used to be that this childish display if a total lack of proper home-training was condemned no matter what your politics were. Now behaving as if it’s time to change your diaper is applauded by some as freedom-fighting. Shameful. Kick them off and don’t let them fly your airline again.

  3. Do the dance. Do the Dance. Do the Safety Dance!

    Wait, that’s Alaska. Nice Southwest adopted it too.

  4. Another jerry springer type article. Anti-masker deserved to be thrown off the plane and people who refuse to follow the rules should be banned from flying. Its not like these rules are new. She just wants to be a special snowflake. FA should not have behaved in an unprofessional way like that.

  5. What a bitch. And a plane full of bootlickers too.

    This lack of critical thinking and blind rules following is how we got the worthless pieces of crap at TSA to feel us up for no reason over the past 20 years.

    And people cheer it. Garbage.

  6. Unprofessional of the flight attendant; people want to talk about rules? Punish that flight attendant, as well.

  7. FA was a jerk.

    However, other passengers are stupid and harming the public for flying during a pandemic. It’s not over yet. The majority of Americans have not been vaccinated.

  8. This is just sad and poor customer service by an airline. We need to stand up against this rule and maybe just stop flying. Respeect humans first not corporations.

  9. @Ryan Waldron clearly you did not do well in your high school debate class either, as there was no point of view presented relevant to the post by Gary.

  10. Short videos like this don’t tell the whole story but this was unprofessional and the FA should be disciplined at a minimum. It certainly makes me think less of Southwest overall.

  11. MPLoneWolf: No, I was smart enough in school already to not care about such stupidity. As for debate, I wiped the floor with those who opposed me. Did very in OM and AD as well.

    If you will go back and actually read what I said, I never said anything about a “point of view” at all. I just simply stated the facts about how the US airlines get away on a daily basis with what would get other business owners and employees jailed if they did the same.

    You see, the first thing in debate is you have to be well informed and know what the hell you are talking about….something you might want to try next time you decide to comment.

  12. steve: Well yes, the mask redirects your breath so It exits out the sides and takes a more direct path to those sitting an inch to your left and right. It’s even better when the person next to you has been wearing the same nasty as hell mask for six months without washing it!

    Also remember that people in coach are more likely to spread the virus, so they don’t get any kind of food and drink to help stop the spread (Which does not have anything at all to do with the airlines not paying their caterers and their increasingly militant but lazy flight crews)…but the folks up front get their normal 6 rounds of food and drink as they are somehow more immune.

  13. Tim: It might be that simple for sheeple that don’t mind having their rights stripped from them in the name of a temporary emergency, never to be returned when that situation has been resolved.

    The airlines have gotten a taste of this power to expell people from flights over nothing, save the fuel and other costs, and refuse to return the passenger’s money they have at this point stolen. They are most certainly going to expand on that in future….not give up their new found revenue stream without a fight.

    Just because you have no problem with this situation does not mean that others feel the same. Get over yourself and reach for a bit less self centered point of view. Try a bit more critical thinking, common sense, and a lot less ego and ignorance for a start.

  14. My experience on SW is the FA are undisciplined and inconsistent. I fly often and recently had the opposite experience of them not upholding the mask policy when a man ran into me with his mask below his nose. This pandemic has been an excuse for the FA to do nothing and appear to have no ramifications. Most likely, the lady did have her mask on. These undisciplined FA “pick and choose” who can do what

  15. Admit it: you’re not afraid of catching a minor illness, you’re afraid of anyone openly displaying disobedience. Wear your symbol of obedience with self-righteous pride, slave.

  16. Very unprofessional behavior of the FA. I am not condoning the passengers behavior. They knew the policy before boarding the aircraft.

  17. Ron Waldron: Where does it say we have a right to fly. It is an option we pay for, not a given right. Masks have been a bonus this past year in that people have had less colds and so they are spread less. Also the deaths from flu are almost nonexistent compared to the usual deaths each year of about 60,000. Why are you so special that wearing a mask is more than your poor psyche can handle this onerous task.

  18. Alice Paige: As I said…. it’s simple for simple minded sheeple, which you must be. If you want to turn your brain off and have your life decided by others, congratulations….but don’t doom the rest of us to your chosen fate.

    Let’s look at your BS point by point.

    1. Amazingly you can’t spell a name literally right in front of you, bravo.

    2. It should be a right, there are places and situations where it is absolutely necessary. It’s not, only because of simpletons like you accepting it is not…failing to stand up and demand that it is a right.

    3. Less Colds, how the hell would you or anyone else know that? Nobody tracks the common cold, even if they did they would just lump those numbers into the massively erroneous COVID numbers that morons like yourself like to revel in as they are reported day after day.

    4. There are usually between 350,000 and 600,000 flu deaths around the world each year according to the WHO. Unfortunately, this year we have no idea how many flu or many other accurately tracked deaths there are because they are all attributed to COVID, dispite the fact that the vast majority of them are caused by other illnesses. If two people, one with severe COPD and one without get COVID and the one with COPD dies, they attribute the COPD death to COVID just because they test positive despite the fact that COVID did not kill the healthy person. It’s flawed logic at its best to please simple minded people like yourself.

    5. I do wear a mask when I go out, a useful N95 mask that actually filters the air I breathe. Not a worthless cloth or tissue paper one that the vast majority of people use, most of whole never replace or wash making the problem far worse. I also stay the hell home as much as humanly possible….the only real useful thing that we can do. It also means I can spend less time in public dealing with idiots like yourself.

    If the cheap worthless masks that simpletons like yourself rant for so much were so effective, why are there so many COVID cases? Why don’t medical professionals wear a home made cloth mask for months on end when they are working with COVID patients instead of a full face positive air pressure respirator?

    Next time you want to go on a self centered, ignorant, uninformed rant….save the rest of is the trouble and just don’t.

  19. Unprofessional behavior exhibited by all involved… Including the other passengers on-board. Glad I wasn’t on this flight….

  20. I am a flight attendant for a major US airline for 24 years and that flight attendants behavior is shameful. Extremely unprofessional. She should be terminated. Also, from just the short clip here I do feel bad for the passenger. I see some of my coworkers act inappropriately like they are on a power trip and its embarrassing. But some of us as good, kind people who want to provide good customer service while still enforcing the rules.

  21. Ryan. All Flight Attendants know there are “ no pay while working”. Flight Attendants earn hourly wage based on door closed and push back, or wheels off the ground to wheels on the ground, depending on the airline. Its a lifestyle that pays very well after 5 yrs. No labour laws were broken. Its an agreement.

  22. We should blame all the crew for it and all the air hostesses. It is the act of just one person and she did wrong and must be blamed for it. Mention it if i am wrong here.

  23. I flew on Southwest some years ago when it was mandatory that passengers had to turn off ALL electronic devices during the ascent and descent, because there was concern then that they could interfere with the planes electronic equipment. Passengers were told to turn their devices off, yet a man across the aisle from me continued to use his cell phone, laptop, and an iPod simultaneously. Not one staff person said anything to him so I motioned to a stewardess, quietly pointed him out, and she shrugged – and walked away. I do support mask wearing during the pandemic, but give me a break, Southwest. No mask? “End of the world!” The use of electronic devices that could cause the plane to crash? “Whatever”.

  24. The reason the FA did not care about the electronics is that they know that electronic devices interfering with the plane is a massive crock of *$&!. The worst that electronics can do is cause a bit of noise in the pilot’s headset if the passenger is right up front on a really old plane. Modern aircraft do not have this issue. The real logic behind putting away electronics is to have less obstructions and potential things unsecured in the event of an emergency which is far more likely to happen during takeoff and landing.

    The bigger problem here is FAs selectively ignoring or going full nazi storm trooper depending on their whims over the various useless policies that the airlines choose to needlessly force on their paying customers. Flight crews should not have carte blanche powers to remove people from a flight whenever they feel like it over nothing….and they should be removed from the flight themselves and fired when they go on these little power trips.

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