Flight Attendant Lets Passenger Take Nude Photos In The Galley

Brent Ray Fraser man the semi-finals of Spain’s Got Talent where he paints using his genatalia. Naturally when he’s not performing on television, he’s got an OnlyFans. He also reports that he is working on a book, and on a recent flight he asked the cabin crew if he could pose nude in the galley of the aircraft. They obliged – closing the galley curtains, while one posed in the shot with him (not revealing her face) and another flight attendant took the photos.

You can see the photos in this tweet,

I’m working on a book of nudes.
While on a flight, I politely asked the flight attendant if I could pose nude in the galley. She said yes!
We closed the curtains, I stripped naked & the other flight attendant started snapping pics.
This is not photoshopped.

Cabin crew blog Paddle Your Own Kanoo argues that the passenger hasn’t “broken any rules” though I’m not sure that’s right. Most airlines have (fairly broad) dress code rules in their contracts of carriage and not wearing any clothes on board would certainly violate those. I won’t speculate the aircraft type and airline based on the photos of the galley. However his flight history wouldn’t be hard for an airline to look up.

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  1. I think it’s great. Some people are offended or unnerved by nudity. I’m in the other group. There is one, ya know.

  2. Nothing wrong if they are attractive and in shape. The problem is when it someone old and/or fat that thinks they should be allowed to show skin.

    Its one of the reasons nude beaches are so bad. They really need a bouncer to decide who is allowed on those. No old white men over 50.

  3. I’ve heard of painting with your toes before. I saw the You Tube video. It looked like he was using his hand to guide. I wasn’t impressed. He drew a bull. You could tell what it was but the detail wasn’t good. The horns were good.

  4. @Andys. Specifying race, sex and age. Prejudice lives. I myself would cover up even at a young age but that’s personal opinion.

  5. @carol

    He will need a mask this fall if word from theTSA is true. Attempts to reinstate the mask mandate will be for crew and customers traveling on trains, planes and public transportation.

  6. This makes me think of the South Park episode “Cock Magic.” Really it’s the boys having roosters playing Magic the Gathering in the Chinese restaurant basement, but Randy Marsh thinks it is….. something else. As he says, “Cock magic got me through college.” and his wife says “I seem to recall cock magic got you thrown out of college.”

  7. Good to see people can still have fun in this mostly over-sensitive pathetic excuse of a generation

  8. This looks like Air Canada. I see the rondelle in the upper left. But that dress hasn’t been worn since 2017. Somethings not adding up

  9. Airline is Air Canada. Just look over the bin in the galley…maple leaf don’t lie!

  10. @Andys. I forgot to mention that you mentioned overweight people. They get mentioned frequently. Whatever exercise overweight people would get on a beach that might benefit them is forfeited because they are usually shamed so they don’t participate. Richard Simmons would tell severely obese people the first thing we have to do is get you moving. Instead of shaming ( which doesn’t help) show caring and support.

  11. @Cheerio If the mask mandate comes back I hope it’s gone by next June. I can tolerate it but I think my special needs son will have trouble with it.

  12. I’m shocked. Not by the nudity but by the comment of Andy’s.

    What’s that idea. No people over 50yo, no people with fat. I made naturism since years and I’m in good shape and never I think old or people not in shape con’t do naturism. It’s the idea of the freedom and this kind of vision is the total opposite of freedom. Certainly an « Instagram » people who pass more time to his look than to work. We’re in freedom world not in the second war. First the old and fat people and after what. The people with dark hair? With to much hair on body, ….?

  13. If it’s hot, why wear clothes? I’m all for folks of any age and size wearing or not wearing whatever they want lol. Seeing people in the nude gets old very fast and you won’t even notice it after awhile if it becomes commonplace.

  14. Geez. I woke up in another universe. Just when you think it can’t go lower it goes there. Dignity has died.

  15. Anyone even remotely familiar with this guy won’t be surprised. He is an attention whore and is DISGUSTING. Nearly ever social media pist he does is of him ejaculating, having a “fan” at am “art exhibition” Gove him a hand job, or drawings of him with a cartoonish size “member”. Gross. BOTH FA’s need to be fired immediately. Disgusting behavior.

  16. No non-consenting individuals involved, I simply can’t see a problem.

    As for the issue of food–I can’t recall anything on a plane at all recently that wasn’t packaged on the ground.

  17. @Carol Lewis, @Rudy
    Got to 2nd @Andys here. No fats or out of shape folks need to be nekkid on the plane. Nobody wants to see that. Well there is a kink for it for some folks, but it’s not mainstream. Need to keep the nudity for attractive people only. You can be hot at any age, but the fat thing is more of a fetish, so

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