Flight Attendant Pays $1071 To Replace Teeth Of Woman Who Cleans Charlotte Airport Bathroom

This is an incredibly heartwarming story. Prieska Outland came upon a woman cleaning one of the bathrooms at the Charlotte airport. The woman was distraught. They to talking and beneath her mask were four missing teeth, and she was saving up to have them replaced. She had just 4% of the money she needed. And Ms. Outland verified the story, and paid the rest to the dentist to have it done.

As Ms. Outland tells it she,

Landed in [Charlotte] and upon exiting the airport, I approached the bathroom and saw 4 signs blocking the entrance. I thought to myself, “How bad do I need to use it? Can I hold it until I get to my place or go ahead and stop now?” I decided to stop.

I went into the bathroom and saw an elderly woman in there cleaning up. She said, “Yall just don’t pay any attention to the signs”.

I told her “Actually I did, it read “CAUTION WET FLOOR”, not “CLOSED”.

She said, “That means the bathroom is closed”. I apologized to her. At this time, all the water i drank was ready to exit the body. There was no turning back🤣. I told her I’d make it quick. 🙏🏿

The woman said this was her “3rd time cleaning this bathroom today, folks are just nasty”. While the airport no longer has bathroom attendants and tipping stopped becoming the norm Ms. Outland gave her $20.

Ms. Outland continues,

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, “Thank You So Much. I really appreciate you for this”. I told her someone blessed me with that $20, and now I’m paying it forward.

Now In tears, she said, “this is truly a blessing because you gave it to someone who really needs it. I’m saving money to get my teeth fixed. I just had all 4 front teeth pulled”. She pulled down her mask to show me. “Now this money will be added to my teeth savings. I had $41 now this makes $61. I’m almost there”. At that point, I was trying to hold back my tears. She was so excited to get that $20. I asked her how much was she trying to save. She said $1,071.

A voice inside her head said to pay it. She wondered if it was divine intervention. So she asked the woman’s name and collected contact information for her and for her dentist. And then once outside the airport she immediately called the dentist to verify the story – and paid the bill in full. Then she called the woman she’d just met to let her know.

I told her to go get her teeth fixed. She asked “Whatchu you mean?” I told her, her dental bill is paid in full. Just schedule your appointment. She burst into tears. She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t stop thanking me and asked what could she do to repay me. I told her to be kind, keep smiling and Have an awesome day!

Ms. Outland, the flight attendant, doesn’t just work in aviation. She’s an actress, a Zumba instructor, and a real estate investor – focusing on crash pads for airline workers in Atlanta.

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  1. Where does the Headline …

    Flight Attendant Pays $1071 To Replace Teeth Of Woman Who Cleans Charlotte Airport Bathroom

    Relate to last paragraph…??

    Ms. Outland doesn’t just work in aviation. She’s an actress, a Zumba instructor, and a realtor – focusing on crash pads for airline workers in Atlanta.

  2. @ Anthony — Cash is probably cheaper than the co-pay with dental insurance. Dental insurance is a scam.

  3. Poor woman. Some people are unlucky but many dental problems are a result of poor hygiene.

  4. Nice to get a positive story now and then. I’ve always thought most people were inherently decent, with the relatively the few who aren’t making it miserable for the rest of us. But that doesn’t mean we have to act like that; being kind can be the best revenge. (No, I don’t always reach that level either.)

  5. @ Derek

    Who gives a rip about the crap you spew. A person made a wonderful heartfelt gesture, Abd crap comes out of your mouth. You don’t have something meaningful to contribute; so be quiet.

  6. A wonderful story. People can hate all they want but this flight attendant paid it forward and the recipient will never, ever forget this random act of kindness. There are many who are suffering out there. This made my day to read this. There are many kind, generous people out there.

  7. In a time of civil unrest and many lies, there is a God who sent a loving and caring person to help an individual in need

  8. @Derek Everyone does not have the luxury of enough money or insurance to pay for adequate dental care. Be glad you do & stop making derogatory comments about the less fortunate

  9. @dora, I do not have dental insurance. I have not seen a dentist in 35 years. Who is deprived?

    To try to mitigate the situation, I brush teeth after every meal and use floss. I do not eat between meals nor do I drink anything but water in between brushing.

    I don’t say the woman janitor is bad or evil.

  10. Nice act and article but like another said “proofread”. Also that last paragraph confused me with reference to the title, unless I missed something.

  11. So politicized.

    When this woman is losing teeth and likely not brushing and flossing after meals, we have pity. (as should be).

    When people get Covid from not getting vaccinated, we attack them and call them Republicans.

  12. This is a wonderful act of kindness.
    But I would like to know – How did you find out this story? Did the flight attendant who did the act of kindness tell you?

  13. Her reward is on earth and not upstairs. I am skeptical of acts of kindness that get publicized and bring more attention and $$$ to the person who was supposedly kind from the goodness of her heart.

    The way I read the situation is the janitor was being cantankerous.

  14. Not everyone gives expecting something in return. Give out of goodness and compassion and let it be. Bless the giver and wish we had more. Bless the recipient for having someone with a heart.

  15. the best comments are the ones on here from people who automatically go negative when this is such a positive kind and loving gesture.

    we live in such a sad time that when someone does something from a place of love such evil can be found but that is because there is so much hate built into people’s hearts. Derek I hope you find love before you pass because the warmth from beyond where you will rest for eternity will not be kind to you and it doesn’t matter who you vote for. God believes in your truth and yours is remarkably devoid of compassion we all see it on a message board filled with strangers. I hope it is just you trolling for fun and in the real world with true human interaction you are kind and a good man or even a women perhaps. I hope you stop this and use the time to read a book or take a walk or even better do a good deed. You have a lot of good deeds to do to see the stairway to heaven.

  16. Why can’t this just be a beautiful human story? Why do some people have to pick apart why this lady’s teeth were missing or why this flight attendant helped her. Just let it be! Some people will find bad in all good and try to rob the world of any joy. And as to why the article mentioned the flight attendant was an actor and a real estate investor, I think it’s because the flight attendant felt like she was more fortunate and was in a position to pay it forward.

  17. I hired Prieska to work for me at SunTrust Bank in 2015 as we dugout of an HR conversion that needed some serious account reconciliation clean up. This is before she applied to be a flight attendant. She already had a college degree in hand, but her passion was to travel and discover other cultures. She already had several small businesses/revenue streams on the side, but her story was clear – she wanted to be a role model for other young women of color in her community. I commend her on her ambition and courage for stepping out and making her own flight plan. She’s a special lady, and this is just another example of Prieska living her best life.
    Lisa Poole, CPP
    VP, Payroll Tax and Accounting
    Truist Bank

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