Flight Attendant Shares: How Passengers And Rookie Pilot Joined Mile High Club On Nashville Flight

‘Spicy Flight Attendant’ Cierra Misst, who used to work regional jets for Republic Airways which is an Express carrier for American, United and Delta, returned to social media after having her accounts banned as the result of complaints by other cabin crew.

Her advice posts are dubious, like buying on Tuesdays for the cheapest tickets, and assigning yourself a seat at the back of the plane to improve your chances of an upgrade. Her stories of inflight antics are equally questionable.

She’s even claimed that she worked a flight to Nashville, where the crew would overnight, where the passengers were all bachelor and bachelorette party groups. Everyone got handsy, several people joined the Mile High Club – including a new pilot.

This is simply implausible. My best guess, based on the airline and aircraft, is that this would have been a Republic flight operating as American Eagle from New York JFK to Nashville. That gets her a generously long flight for the best chance of this story being true. (Ignore some of the photos in her video, they’re clearly not all of the flight in question.)

  • New York JFK – Nashville is about 2.5 hours on a Embraer 175. Let’s assume it took awhile to get into the mood, and also that there was no activity during the first and last half hour of the flight.

  • There are two lavatories – at the front and the back of the plane. So from a pure efficiency standpoint multiple Mile High Club events would be possible (though these aren’t super large lavatories – degree of difficulty alone cuts against the likelihood this is true).

  • Each pilot would have spent most of their time in the cockpit. Sure, maybe they came out for a bit, but enough time to set the stage for this?

  • Probably each group of passengers was gender-segregated. And while it’s possible some of these incidents were same-sex, any opposite sex encounters would have been between people who had just met. Possible, but how many of these couplings would have happened so quickly?

People have been joining the ‘Mile High Club’ since 1916 when Lawrence Burst Sperry, inventor of the autopilot, took a Curtis C-2 Flying Boat off the coast of Long Island and spent time with a woman whose husband was off in World War I. They crashed the plane into the bay and were rescued – naked – by duck hunters. If they could manage the feat then anything is possible, but a sudden breakout of Mile High Club antics on a short regional jet flight that even includes crew and where no one was even trying to be surreptitious seems especially unlikely.

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  1. Gary,

    Why even bother to post this? Are you so fascinated by the concept you can’t resist? 99% chance fake to get attention and even if true why would you lower yourself to post something like this. I probably speak for the vast majority of your readers when I say just don’t post a blog on days when you only can regurgitate stuff like this, National Enquirer articles or dubious things you find on Reddit. Man you must have a mandatory number of article promised to the cards you shill for to waste your time on something like this. Lowers the image of your blog. Definitely not something a “thought leader” would ever publish!

  2. Which wing afforded anyone this view?

    The ex-FA is an attention/cash seeker. If there was a story this would be

    end of story.

  3. I’ve seen stuff on flights that travel bloggers and Flyertalkers promise me don’t happen. This includes upgrading when you’re not on the upgrade list and not an elite status member at all.

    As long as the laws of physics permit it, I can believe this story. Exaggerated for effect, sure. Maybe some of the liaisons happened on the ground. But I can believe especially on a regional jet that a lot of people weren’t properly seated with their seat belts fastened during takeoff and landing.

  4. Once people found out that blatantly lying on social media was unpunished, acceptable, profitable (even “presidential”), then that what you get.
    Attempting to tell the truth or trying to correcting them j(even with “receipts”) just becomes background noise.

  5. The less we pay attention to these idiots ( the attention and cash seeking flight attendant influencer) the more likely they are to go away. Please stop writing about this loser.

  6. P.S. that video is from Dec2022… and unfortunately I clicked to see it and Cierra Mistt is preggers and about to deliver crotchfruit named “Sprite”
    Never again will I click. Block on the gram so I won’t see again. Again the only way to make the influencers go away is to stop clicking and writing about them.

  7. Like Lindsey Lohan, if you don’t mention her name, she fades from existence.

  8. This twit isn’t a FA anymore. She was fired. She just tries to promote her OF page. She’s a 304.

  9. I googled the national enquirer and this site came up. Gary, what a bunch of BS.

  10. Probably didn’t happen signed “thirty year flight attendant that’s seen it all”.

  11. It’s pretty funny that some people think this blog is just a shill for credit cards (it may be) and the majority of posts are click bait (that may be as well) but they keep coming back for more. :-0

  12. @Gary just can’t get away from this onlyfans lady… Clearly you get her free content in exchange for her getting free advertisement.

    As an airline pilot, the likelihood of the mile high club is VERY unlikely. Even less so being fully succesful.

    Also this concept that “the whole plane was full of bachelor/bachelorette party groups” is just insane. I’ve flown into BNA atleast 20x this year and never once, has it been a ‘party plane full of sexual contact’.

    get real, and go get laid.

  13. Joke’s on all of you, including Gary. “She” is actually a 13 year old boy. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?

  14. Why are you giving this lying, attention seeker a platform?

    She’s a rat for spilling the beans (true or not) about any pilot or f/a she has worked with.

    I would refuse to work with her.

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