Florida Woman Asked To Remove Her Wig At TSA Checkpoint, Hilarity Ensues

A Fort Lauderdale woman was heading home from a weekend trip in Houston when she – and her wig – encountered the TSA. She was asked to remove her cap, but the cap was attached to the wing. And she dubbed the ensuing video “When TSA stops you from being fabulous.” Oh, and the cap says “Bad Hair Day” on it.

TSA: You have to remove the hat.

Me: Are you serious? No, you can’t be!

TSA: Yes, I have to check underneath the hat.

Me: But, it’s a wig,

The video received over 4 million likes on TikTok in just the first day. Apparently the video has gone sufficiently viral – it was shared by Snoop Dogg – that the wig maker ‘Wig Caps by Tasha’ has seen a surge in business, creating their own video thanking the woman for filming the TSA encounter.

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  1. Good to see someone take it all in good stride rather than being angry
    Good for her! That’s awesome

  2. Absolutely LOVE her and her companion’s attitude. The world would be a better place if more people were like them. Made my day – God bless her 🙂

  3. I have been seeing the wig caps but I hadn’t brought one but I will definitely support

  4. God bless her for having a good attitude.
    I have the same baseball cap she’s wearing, btw.
    At least this didn’t result in a fist fight like the stand by issue at the gate about a week ago.
    This lady deserves kudos for having a sense of humor, patience and understanding.
    It would be so much easier if more people were like her.

  5. Suppose the lady had a medical hair condition, is that how insensitive individuals workers would behave causing possibly significant trauma, fun and laughter a side, has anyone thought of that?

    Thankfully it was a lovely beautiful woman having a can’t be bothered hair day, but please let’s not forget the individuals that do not have a choice of having to wear wigs.

    Unless it was the cap that was the issue.

  6. Sis we all have been there with those bad hair days
    You guys made our day.
    I need one of them caps.
    GOD bless you all.

  7. Good Vibez – the procedure is that hats come off at the checkpoints, not wigs. If someone has a medical condition. Per the TSA: “All travelers are required to undergo screening at the checkpoint. Passengers with a disability or medical condition or their traveling companion may consult a TSA officer about the best way to relieve any concerns during the screening process. Individuals may provide an officer with a TSA notification card or other medical documentation to describe the condition in a discrete manner. Travelers also may request an accommodation to the security screening process.”

  8. How good natured of the passenger, and that laugh was perfect!! Don’t let a moment mess with your day! Bravo!!

  9. I’m glad everyone was able to take the whole situation in stride.

    But I have to ask – what could she possibly hide in there that she couldn’t hide elsewhere on her body? Why the specific need to inspect her hat, as opposed to inspecting her pockets or other areas of the body? She is already walking through a metal detector.

  10. Very contagious spirit in the WE NEED IT NOW MOMENT!!

  11. I like the concept of the hat combination and wig. TSA will ask you remove hats bulky sweat shirts and jackets. I found it refreshing to see and hear laughter on both sides, her friend was laughing so hard that would absolutely be me

  12. How could they be so cruel that’s humiliating…shame on them. They use x-ray machines to detect if someone is carrying a weapon. Today there is high tech equipment that they should use. This is 2021 why couldn’t they have used some thing else than a visuall. TSA has no regard for anyone.

  13. Guess what ill be one paid ass why will you even ask a woman of color to even do something like that knowing we wear them wigs lace what ever bundles what ever it was just wrong…SMFH

  14. My daughter works for a airline and it is a requirement for passengers to remove hats coats etc. Glad she was able to laugh it off i would be laughing too what else can you do but cry and what good would crying do. Kudos to her for complying ang being upbeat about it!!!

  15. Why was that necessary. People that are mean poke fun. If she had a weapon they would know . All the weaves the airline staff know this .whom ever checked her out they would.not want that did to them

  16. Y’all are pieces of shit for trying to capitalize on some woman’s experience. This isn’t news you trash website. I hope you fail.

  17. It appears Sis has the laugh of embarrassment! Some people giggle or laugh in uncomfortable situations. The TSA agent could have very easily used a wand. She was masked so I believe patting her hat would have worked. Her friend instead of suggesting respect, was filming and giggling at her friends expense. Why was this funee??

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