Have You Flown Regularly to Tel Aviv? El Al Will Give You Up to Top Tier Status

David H points me to the following offer:

Hi All,
Superfly is giving its eligible members Gold, Plat and Top Plat status. Some members have already received the offer and posted it online so we decided to go ahead and post on FlyerTalk as well.

To be eligible you must have:

1) A U.S. or Canadian address on your profile on elal.com
2) No current or past elite status (Gold or above) in the last 3 years
3) Multiple flights to TLV in the last 2 years

This is not a status match. The scoring is based on number of flight to TLV (either direct or through Europe), class of ticket, and willingness to switch and commit to EL AL.

To sign up please follow direction:

1) Update your EL AL profile with your US or Canadian address here http://bit.ly/1gPw15r
2) Add as many FF accounts to superfly http://www.superfly.com/
3) Extra credit for downloading our mobile app Superfly Hotels and follow directions (iOS only) http://bit.ly/1bpHOFo

* If you don’t have an EL AL Matmid account you can sign up for a free one here http://bit.ly/1dYxoku

I’ll monitor the group to answer any questions.

Jonathan Meiri
CEO Superfly

If you’er not currently an elite with El Al and have been to Israel multiple times over the past few years you can have status. If you meet that criteria, and you’re likely to go back and could possibly fly El Al when you do, you’d be mashugana not to get status.

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  1. All due respect to your million uniques, but this is mostly about Superfly… and basically a promotion for them to get members. I used have an account with them, but I chose to discontinue using their services.

    Great if you want to promote them, but you don’t even acknowledge the other party (Superfly) involved besides El Al…

  2. Its the worst airline ever … if you are not an Israeli and flying on ElAl metal, they will question you for 2 hrs and ask you every personal question possible. If I didn’t have to be in Israel for an important meeting, I would have told them to F off

  3. ElAl status itself is virtually useless. I’d be willing to bet, however, that Turkish Air would gladly match their status, since they seem willing to match nearly anyone. Sound like a good, if slightly roundabout way to get Star Gold.

  4. What a bunch of spoiled rats.

    I got free Gold on BA as a gift from Supefly.

    I smell jealousy here…

    No, I’m not involved or having shares by superfly.

    I was actually using awardwallet, until they forced me to take a business account which is expensive and a nuisance.

  5. Hi all,

    My name is Jonathan and I’m the CEO of Superfly. We got some high quality traffic from this post, and some of the readers received Gold, Plat, and Top Plat status via our most recent deal with EL AL.

    @David the offer is open to U.S. and Canada based people that travel frequently to Israel but not with EL AL. We score people based on segments flown, class of ticket, and airline share-of-wallet. We also make sure to reward are most active customers so downloading our app, booking a hotel, or inviting friends gets you to the top of the list.

    I hope this helps.

    @Stanley – thanks for the support 🙂

    Safe Travels and Happy New Year!

    Jonathan Meiri
    CEO Superfly

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