Flying on Sunday? Today is Free Booze Day on Southwest!!

Southwest Airlines began scheduled air service out of Dallas Love Field in 1971. At the time they flew only intra-Texas routes, escaping regulation by the federal government’s Civil Aeronautics Board which at the time set airline routes and prices.

The airline is famous for many things such as it’s irreverence and it’s “Love” theme deriving from its original home airport, which in the 1970s was sexualized (ticket machines were ‘quickies’ and flight attendants wore hot pants designed by then-airline President Lamar Muse’s wife).

Southwest even settled a class action lawsuit over imposing expiration on old chits that had no expiration date.

Naturally since it’s time to celebrate Southwest’s birthday on Sunday June 18th.. the first drink for each passenger is on them tomorrow!

That’s what I call… Just plane fun.