Forget Impeachment, This Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Our country is too focused on politics. So many people are going to miss the little moments of our strange and unique species going about everyday life.

Air travel has become truly small-d democratic, bringing together people of all walks of life in a small metal tube. Our differences – in beliefs, culture, needs and quirks – all come out and are on display.

I submit to you that there’s nothing better to see than “a passenger hand feeding her cat in a seat while it watches TV. On a plane.”

You’re welcome.

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  1. @Steve? Why? It’s not cats that scream, “Do you know who I am”, take drugs in the toilet, grope passengers / flight crew, put their feet (and other bodily appendages) in your face, have arguments over whether the window blinds should be shut / open

    The cat, and owner, seem better behaved than 66.67% of all passengers…

    Live and let be, I say.

  2. I don’t see anything wrong with this. It’s on a Southwest flight. The row of seats is empty. The cat is wearing a collar, and what appears to be a harness AND a bib. The cat is also surrounded (cushioned) by what appears to be a blanket or other soft item. The owner has the cat in complete control. It isn’t watching TV, it’s looking at a reflection of itself in a mirror–cats that recognize themselves in a mirror are said to be intelligent, perceptive, and compliant than those who don’t. This cat appears to be an ideal passenger. No fuss, no bother.

  3. If you need to bring your cat (or any other animal) on an airplane for your own “comfort”, then you should be driving

  4. I love cats, but that photo is a bit sad. Such nonsense cannot compare to the serious business of impeachment which affects the whole country and even the world.

  5. you can forget impeachment but people who care about the children in cages, racism, a president making fun of a disabled reporter, grabbing women by the pussy, homophobia and all the hate from the White House mustn’t. People who care about our nation and planet must not forget about impeachment. You can do as you please. Just as many Germans did decades ago.

  6. If she paid for the second seat I have no problem with this.
    We all have our own foibles … this is hers … she’s not harming anyone else.

  7. @Allen How about talk about real issues, not your butthurt feelings. You don’t have to like the guy to talk about actual policy decisions. Libs have spent the last 3 years obstructing, undermining, and in a constant state of outrage. You’ve lowered the stare of politics, not Trump. Get ready for a dose of your own medicine when someday a Dem is back in the WH.

  8. Allen your crazy or on CRACK!! where do u get your info?? bad sources get with the correct and reality program!! stop smoking stink weed///WR2 right on

  9. @ KimmieA. The fact that a cat is on the PASSENGER airplane, much less not in a pet carrier, is disgusting! I happen to like peanuts but airlines no longer serve them because . . .
    I happen to be very allergic to cat dander and hair but this “open carry” is allowed by the airline? It’s just wrong on so many levels and most reasonable people understand just as they do the peanut allergy problem.
    @ Allen. dot is right. Get off the crack before you vote again.

  10. If Congress actually put as much effort into running the country as they have done with this impeachment business America truly would be a Great Country!

  11. @WR2, It is your right to disagree, but I think Allen is spot on factually. And your comments about obstructing, undermining and being in a constant state of outrage applies equally to many Republicans during the eight years of the Obama administration. Remember McConnell’s statement: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” Trump’s act has worn thin for many. Imagine if Obama behaved like Trump Jimmy Jordan would have had hissy fit the likes of which … Character matters IMO.

  12. The groups of people living in the United States are fundamentally at odds. America was never designed for so many different racial, ethnic, religious, ideological and cultural groups, all conflicting and with differing goals and ambitions. America was created so Europeans can be more free from circumstances in Europe, explore and cultivate profitable crops, animals and mine minerals. Dutch, British and Germans comprised the majority of people with Spaniards in the Florida region. Then came Irish and Italians. But that is very different than the people coming over today. We are incompatible. When it’s groups who commit a disproportionately high amount of violence, breed poverty, have a poor culture and will always vote for less freedom and more government to give themselves benefits at our expense, don’t expect us to be welcoming or anything but hateful. Everyone deserves their own countries with a common genetic people, language, culture and predominate religion. No one is complaining China is Chinese and India is Indian (although even in the spirit of Gandhi, India had to be divided into India and Pakistan because of religious differences and today there is still tons of violence because of culture differences. India never existed as 1 country but 500 different kingdoms).

  13. Forget the politics. Lets get back to the lady with the cat.

    It is a lady hand feeding a cat on a plane. Really! Is that the MOST important thing to do on a plane? Is this Normal human behavior? These people with social animal attachments are NUTS! Yes I said it they are NUTS. There is something wrong with them when they prioritize their relationship with their PETS before other humans. We are not biologically programed to do that. Can you see a Tiger being fed by a Gorilla? One of them is going to be fresh meat, and it is not going to be the Tiger.

    I was at the grocery store today and a 50 yr old guy has is dog in the grocery cart pushing him around while shopping. Why?

    These people need to take some medications and NOT fly with their pets. Yes pets do not go on holiday, they do not work, they do not pay bills, they do not go to college, they do not have family issues. They sleep eat and poop. They do not need to go to Florida for a week.

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