Former CIA Director Describes A UFO Encounter

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  1. Some context on the CIA Directors story would be nice. “My friends plane stopped behaving as a plane.?

  2. @Gene

    Trump’s still living in your head rent-free, huh? How’s you bank accounts/household expenses/retirements accounts faired under the demented pedophile, below-average joe??

    STFU, loser. *rolleyes*

  3. @ Amazing Larry — My finances have improved significantly under President Biden, but there are far more important things in life than money. The true losers are those that don’t realize that money isn’t everything.

  4. He obviously hasn’t seen an F22 doing an aerobatic display. They can just hang in the sky too. And that’s the planes we know about.

  5. He’s a former DCI. You have to know spy language and code words to understand what he’s actually saying.

    The aliens he’s talking about are Venezuelans . . . who used Italian satellites to control Chinese thermostats to control voting machines to change the election results.

    The planes he’s talking about are the planes used to transport the Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard . . . in violation of Florida law (which authorized transportation out of Florida alone). That’s when the planes stopped behaving as a plane is supposed to behave.


  6. @Amazing Larry
    You’re still whining about the adulterer Chump. How’s he doing now that the DOJ has caught up to his immense stupidity? I see you signed up with the Q nation. LET’S GO CHUMP!

  7. @Gene
    LOL, either you are lying or you must be just as corrupt as the rest of the demokkkrat scum.

  8. @Rog
    So you are also on board with Nazi joe’s fascist use of the FBI to unfairly attack the political opposition? If you were around in the 1930’s I bet you’d be goose-stepping with the best of ’em.

    Just don’t complain when the tables are turned in November…. loser.

  9. @ Amazing Larry — Your lack of an ability to use a more intellectual word than ‘loser” says volumes.

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