Former Miss Universe Has A New Favorite Airline – And One She No Longer Flies [Roundup]

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  1. Maybe Olivia would be more comfortable on Trump air (once they can afford the cost of new engines). Maybe she would donate to the cause and become a spokesperson- it should generate some eyeballs.

  2. I hear the role of Ghislaine is available on the reboot of The Lolita Express. She’s got plenty of recruits, err, followers.

  3. @ Tim… exactly.. I can’t believe this sort of news has made such headlines… truly small world problems.. next.

  4. King Phillip has the secret Marriott Cobalt status. Skip the line, sure. But, I doubt the property will give him a complementary suite upgrade . . . even he will have to pay for it.

  5. Re: Rude passenger video. Yes, definitely, constantly scream at the airline workers while arguing with them. That will inspire them to help you (sarcasm).

  6. Why does anyone outside of her family care what a pathetic exhibitionist/ narcissistic with fading looks and an IQ of 59 does?

  7. Former Miss Universe seems awfully desperate for attention. How long can she drag out this non-story? And she better be careful, or she’ll be denied boarding by another airline for not covering her nose with her mask, rather than not covering her midriff.

  8. Tons of hate in the comments but I personally started following her based on the incident, and now I get ads from her page. I think American Airlines’s sexist discrimination against her (when other passengers on that flight wearing the same thing didn’t get flagged) actually pushed her follower count and out her name out there more. Good for her.

  9. @BK – You fell right into her trap. I wouldn’t put it past her and her publicist to have manufactured this entire incident. Anonymous passenger complains to gate agents about what some woman is wearing, so they ask her to cover up – only the complaint was all part of the stunt, as the woman is in full makeup with camera crew ready to shoot her being shamed for being too sexy. And she gains followers as a result. It’s all product and brand placement. About as real as a TikTok video.

    Some people are so gullible.

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