Four New Meals Introduced On American Airlines Domestic Flights

Instead of replacing all of their domestic first class meals at once, as they’ve had in the past, American Airlines has been replacing a few items at a time on a rolling basis.

The airline has introduced four new entrees. I expect that the chicken breast is probably the best of the new items. The rigatoni should be fine as long as it’s not overheated.

I’ll skip the manicotti because I’m not generally a fan of ricotta cheese. Definitely avoid the short rib. It’s a cheaper meat that in fairness does reheat well (because it’s so fatty). I’m forever traumatized by the ‘mystery meat’ short rib dishes the airline served when they implemented US Airways-style catering cutbacks five years ago.

There are also new salads in the rotation:

Is it really too much to ask to offer a choice of dressing?

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  1. I had the Charcuterie plate last evening and it was a pleasant change from the meals they usually try to serve. This was the second time I have had it and given the opportunity I will stick with it. Basically it is very difficult to screw up hummus.

  2. The beef dish looks like a loose turd, not that this back of the bus flyer will probably eat it ever.

  3. The short rib is better then it looks. The others look (and hopefully taste) better then the weird ass crap that’s been served the past 6 months. Salads look fresher than

  4. I have found the food recently to be at an all time low. Brown lettuce that I throw out was happily served (and refused by more than one passenger).

  5. I would love to see a entree size bowl of soup. Soups tend to hold up well on planes.

  6. They look like crap and taste like crap. American Airlines has the worst food in the skies. I would rather get the snack basket in regional flights rather than that crappy meal.

  7. A major reason I switched to DL was my exasperation flying in FC on AA was the total crap for meals served. It’s as if menu planning was conducted by a summer intern from a community college instructed by Parker to learn how nursing homes pinch pennies in food budgets. Sadly, I’ll bet the meals at Guantanamo are by far more substantial.

    What Parker and his crew fail to understand is that with such an unacceptable attitude towards domestic FC, why would anybody close to fly international on AA ?

    Can Parker park his ego in time before their is a serious downturn in air travel..?

  8. I agree with the other posters that the Charcuterie plate is the way to go. ( I wish it were available as an option during breakfast as well). I’m mystified, however, that F Pax are not allowed to pre-order the Zoe’s buy-on-board selections (sandwiches, wraps, etc) that Y passengers can. All they need to do is extend at no charge, the pre-order option that everyone else can buy in advance, then just drop the item onto a set-up tray. If it gets ordered and the F passenger cancels, it can just go back into inventory and get ordered in the back. Seems like little waste. We’d probably all be happier.

  9. Sadly, cheese continues to be included, sometimes gratuitously, in so many of the meal offerings. For those of us who dislike cheese, it severely limits the options. They even sprinkle it on top of the baked potato instead of offering on the side. It is often sprinkled on salad when it could be served in a separate side dish to be ignored by those who wouldn’t eat cheese even if starving.

  10. Haven’t flown 1st class for awhile. Mosty pandemic.
    I’m flying cross country in Nov and was looking forward to being in 1st class. Guess I should have save the money and gone with preferred seat in main cabin. I have always had a non stop but now have to change planes and long wait in between.Hoping for good entertainment and reasonable food choices. Guess it may be last time I fly 1st or maybe last time on American. They do the name wrong. Shame on them.

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