Four Seasons Now Has Elite Status and Trump Hotel DC Not Changing Bathrobes Between Guests

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  1. I wouldn’t clean that bathrobe either Melania had used it and likely Ivanka before that

  2. Gary, i didn’t see a section of your blog to send in general questions to you, so I will ask it here. Is there a way to verify whether a delay in flight is indeed due to weather or mechanical?
    I’ve flown twice in the past month, and both times had delays that forced me to miss my connections on the same airline. Both times required me to pay out of pocket to book with other airlines to get home the same day. The airlines said they could do nothing for me; not book me on another airline, not provide hotel accommodations, not provide any compensation in any form. They said this was due to weather, however the weather seemed fine at both the airport i was waiting to depart from as well as the incoming flight’s airport. Is there a website or some way to verify it is indeed a weather vs mechanical delay? Seems if there is no way to verify, then airlines can always claim weather. Thanks in advance.

  3. Well, *I’LL* confess — I love flying in and out of SFO . . . both the International Terminal and T2.

  4. @Frank used to be, for instance, that United’s cargo website would show ‘true’ reasons when the consumer website showed weather. Not really sure there’s an easy way to do that anymore. There can be great weather in both the departure and arrival cities, but bad weather in between. Or if weather from the city where your plane is coming from first is bad, they’ll call all subsequent delayed due to weather.

    They do at a minimum owe you a refund for unflown travel provided the delay was long enough, and if you have additional costs like an overnight hotel and meals your credit card company’s coverage may reimburse you.

  5. According to Inside Edition (for the Trump Hotel article): “we used a harmless, washable fluorescent paint only visible under UV lighting, to spray the Inside Edition a logo on sheets, pillows and a bathrobe.”

    We, as in, Inside Edition paid staff, to paint something that’s not supposed to have any paint on it ever.

    Harmless, my ass. That’s defacing property. Serious crime and misdemeanor + they even have video showing them defacing it. I wouldn’t clean the robes, pillows and sheets either, I’d hold them as evidence for a trial against Clinton Inside Edition—-which is probably what Trump is doing. The Secret Service can investigate that.

    Oh wait, those 33,000 emails Clinton deleted were “harmless” too. Oops! Criminal case re-opened against Crooked Hillary because of Subway Sub advertiser Tony Weiner!

  6. Our corporate policy no longer allows employees to stay at any Trump property. It doesn’t surprise me that they don’t wash their robes. They probably don’t sanitize the dishes either. Anyone who thinks it chic to stay at a Trump hotel is definitely low class.

  7. And my company we’re not allowed to stay at Trump hotels either. The name has become too controversial, even toxic. It’s a business decision. The Trump name is like “Hitler.”

  8. @Mark: what leads you to suspect they don’t sanitize dishes? From your comment, it appears your company has researched, or possibly stayed at the Trump hotel, in order to establish a policy against staying there. As such, I cannot tell if your comment regarding the dishes is actually true or false. As presented, your comments could arguably be considered slanderous if untrue.

    @Andrew: I am offended by your comment. It’s unclear if you are relaying a characterization of the name “Trump” you’ve heard, or are making a declaration. It’s disturbing, regardless, that someone would post here any comparison between a brand name and a dictator who murdered people based on their religion, origin and sexual orientation.

  9. @Mark, never mind I reread what you wrote and I can tell you are just joking after calling trump hotel guests low class. not very nice in any case

  10. @Owre it’s ironic that you would say my comments may be slanderous when everything Mr. Trump says is slanderous. It was speculation on my part based on the fact that they do not wash their bathrobes after people have used them. Just think about using a bathrobe that Melissa wore after she stayed in the same room and they never washed it. That’s enough to get the attention of the health department.

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