Free American Airlines Miles ‘Fortune Cookie’ Promotion

Via Deals We Like, American Airlines is giving away miles with a few easy clicks.

Through May 29 you can go to the promotion website, click “Don’t Have a Code” and enter your email address. Once you submit, the site will tell you whether you’ve won anything, and if so how many miles.

You can win up to 25,000 miles. But you might win nothing. You can keep trying using a unique email address (and refresh the promotion code) until you get a mileage offer you like, you don’t enter your mileage account number until the screen where they tell you if you’ve won and how many miles.

I admit, I got nothing my first three tries and gave up patience at 200 miles. But others have reported greater success, and it just takes a moment.

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  1. Hint: If you have a gmail address, you can put a period in all over the place. Gmail doesn’t separate accounts based on period.

    So: is the same as n.ame@gmail,, n.a.m.e@gmail, etc, and every combination in between.

  2. Pressing the button causes the code to repeat. Has anyone won? Can you share your code?

  3. 0-35 here. finally quit with 0 miles boooo! I cheated and still counldnt win LOL. It wasnt meant to be.

  4. Refreshed 3 family accounts – 200 x 2 500 x 1. Each one did not take more than 10 goes.

  5. After 60 or so times, I finally won 1,000 miles. Don’t remember the code #, but I do know that it was prepopulated whereas I’d had to click the link before. YMMV

  6. won 200 miles. But found the 200 miles didn’t post into my AA A/C right away…24 hrs past, still nothing.

    Does anyone knows how long it will take up to be credited with this 200 miles?

  7. Won 200 miles and got the code associated with it to enter in my account – but I closed the window prematurely! Can anyone post where to enter the winning codes? Thanks

  8. (I tried using the same code with a different e-mail address, but didn’t win; so I am guessing the code isn’t related to the miles amount)

  9. After many 0’s I settled for 3×200 (myself and two family members). I did hold out and kept trying for a bigger number but at least for me it never got above 200.

  10. Has anyone seen the mails posted on their account. I was able to get 3 bonuses 200, 200 and 500 using bogus email addresses. However, i wonder if you need a real address to get the points.

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