Free Avis Presidents Club Status

In my last post, I mentioned a premium Continental credit card from Chase that includes Avis Presidents Club as a benefit. It turns out that there’s a website for this offer, and anyone can use it to sign up for an Avis account that will be given the status. And for those that already have Preferred memberships, I’ve heard success just calling per the instructions on the website and having the existing account status upgraded. (Some folks have just opened new accounts for simplicity, as well.)

Avis offers (4) levels of status:

  • Preferred (anyone signs up for this, it expedites your rental)
  • AvisFirst (one category upgrade, earn free weekend rentals – formerly called ‘Preferred Select’)
  • Presidents Club (two category upgrade, guaranteed availability, better service)
  • Chairmans Club (airport meet and greet, best available car, etc)

A limited number of Presidents Club memberships come with big corporate contracts, and with the American Express Centurion (‘black’) card. Now it also comes with the high-end Continental Mastercard that costs several hundred dollars a year.
And, as I say, that Mastercard offer can be used online. By anyone.
(It looks like you need to use a Mastercard in your profile, because the offer is tied to this Continental Mastercard. So use a Mastercard when signing up, you can always change the card in your profile later.)
It should take a couple of days for the status to be reflected (you’ll sign up and your profile will show preferred but after a couple of days it should become preferred presidents club). As always, your mileage may vary.

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  1. Has anyone tried the call in option? This got me to a particular persons voice mail. I question whether they will be giving this benefit away willy nilly.

  2. Link fixed. Note that Avis has cross-referenced lists with Chase and downgraded some members who don’t have the correct credit card. So your mileage may vary.

  3. You have to have the Chase CC to be able to retain the status upgrade. I tried this promo when it was first posted last year and ended up getting a letter in the mail months later saying I had lost the status since I didnt meet the qualifications for the promotion. I had to fight just to get Avis First back.

  4. I already have Presidents Club but I am having trouble using the link to get an upgrade.

  5. Good day, my AVIS President’s Club card expired the 03/11. My wizard no is J4A43C. Can you assist me regarding this matter? Regards Tom

  6. Does this still work? The link works, but everything else doesnt seem to enroll for nothing more than the regular Avis Preferred Program

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