Free Hilton HHonors Gold Status Still Available

Back on December 22, I flagged an offer for free Gold status with Hilton HHonors through May 2013.

That offer, believe it or not, appears to still be alive.

As Rob writes in the comments to an update post I had made on the offer:

As of 10 Mar 2012, still worked for me! Thanks!!! As Tamas said, register or change your Hhonors account to Australia, use the code above, then once you get the congrats screen simply change back to your real country.

The ‘code above’ refers to 442394 or 411945.

Gold status, of course, gets some modest upgrades, continental breakfast, free internet, and discounted multi-night redemption stays.

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  1. I changed country to australia, used the 411945 number and filled the rest with numbers using king’s link above. Worked on 5/3. Dont know if the australia part was necessary or not.

  2. Need help….the number supplied by JP is not accepted. I keeps resetting the entry screen. Has anyone tried this lately? 5/18.

  3. 5/29/2012 worked! first changed my city state provence to australia sydney area pacific then used 442394 then the rest of the digits from one of my credit cards, i first checked it on creditcartidty to make sure it was a valid number. it went through instantly

  4. Worked for me on 7/24. Created a new number and except for the first 442394 and king’s link in msg #44 above.

  5. Just tried it exactly as suggested by Marti. Success on July 26 instantaneously! Changed address to Australia and created a new number with these first 6 numbers ‘442394’ and king’s link in msg #44 above. Thanks for sharing!

  6. All frauders be aware!!! After trying to use my “new gold account” last night at my hilton stay they downgraded my card back to blue. They called the hhnonors department to tell them something is strange about my account too dull to get a gold membership. The let me speak with them and they knew all about the adress change to Australia and told me I’m not eligble for this offer. This was embarassing!!!!!! Don’t mess with them…

  7. Is this still working? I’ve changed my address to Australia and also added the card # but its still showing Blue status. Where exactly am I suppose to enter the card #? Please help. Thanks.

  8. I may be the first, but hhonour centre contacted me and front staff kept telling me that my gold card is now invalid, at first they upgraded me to suite , then they said they would take it away , then they allowed me to stay in it , without benefits etc, then front desk kept telling me my gold status is cancelled even tho it expires march 2013. It’s like having to look over your shoulder, at all times to see if they come up with anything else to get me out , couldnt sleep, couldnt keep focus, made my whole stay a nightmare, and I want to book another night tonight but they just rang and said I will be down graded because my card is now cancelled ,. Will writ more soon , the story will get better i think ,

  9. It is saying ‘Invalid Card Number’ 🙁 what should I do?

    I used the process and changed my status to Gold. But now when I’m doing the same for my husband its saying invalid card number.. 🙁

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