Free Hyatt Mid-Tier Elite Status And Fast Track To Globalist Open To Everyone

American Airlines elite members can currently receive 90 days of Hyatt’s mid-tier status and a fast track for keeping that status next year or earning top tier status.

It turns out though that anyone can register for free Hyatt status and a fast track, and the broader offer is even better because instead of free 90 days of status, the free Explorist mid-tier status lasts through end of 2021 whether you stay enough with Hyatt to keep status or not.

What’s more, instead of having just 90 days to stay enough to keep status you’ve got until the end of the year so it’s far more generous:

  • 10 nights by December 31, 2021 to keep Explorist status
  • 20 nights by December 31, 2021 to earn Globalist status

And the status earned is valid through February 2023.

The only thing that’s preventing everyone from signing up is that there’s no website for this. Instead, you need to pick up the phone. strayersong who posted this offer to, wrote on his blog that he contacted the sales department at a full service Hyatt where he’d recently stayed and they were happy to sign him up. Any Hyatt property sales department should do, it doesn’t cost them anything, they just might not know about the offer.

Some members may be getting mistakenly registered for corporate status matches and then rejected as ineligible because they don’t appear to work for a company with a corporate agreement with Hyatt. This is, apparently, and offer that hotel sales can use.

(HT: Miles Earn and Burn)

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  1. This would be great if someone in the sales department WOULD PICK UP THE FRIGGIN PHONE!!!

    Trying other properties now…

  2. Several calls in to Hyatt sales departments and none could tell me anything about it. Instructed to call World of Hyatt’s 1-800 number…

  3. So current Globalist members need 30 nights this year but anyone who isn’t currently Hyatt elite can match & only stay 20 nights? Am I missing something…?

  4. Seconding Sean’s question. How do any of these promos help retain current elite members? Granted, my Explorist status is mostly (but not entirely) worthless. But there’s no way I’m going to hit the required 20 nights this year because I didn’t start traveling until July. Based on current planned stays, I will drop to Discoverist, which is really worthless. There’s no reason for me to maintain any loyalty to Hyatt.

  5. Wow, 20 nights needed for Globalist is a fantastic offer. I’d do it except I’ve already passed the reduced-for-2021 30-night target. Enjoyed a river-view room upgrade at the Hyatt Regency Austin earlier this month, but the biggest benefit by far was the complimentary breakfast for two that we received. It was great being able to enjoy the nice breakfast buffet (on weekends) there, knowing it was on the house.

    @Chad, assuming you’ve done 5 nights already and have the Hyatt Visa credit card (good for 5 nights stay credit, IIRC), you should only need 10 more nights. That’s a reachable goal for almost anyone with the inclination to do so. The difference in benefits between Explorist and Globalist is pretty large, so you can either move forward or fall backward in status, your call.

  6. @Quo Vadis? Do we know for a fact that the credit card nights count towards the challenge?

  7. So if I have 13 qualifying nights already this year through card spend/award night stays I only need 7 more nights by 12/31/21 to get Globalist?

  8. @Bill, I don’t know for sure. The Hyatt Visa qualifying nights credit counted towards the reduced 30-night stay requirement for 2021, so assumed it did with this promo also. Hopefully Gary will clarify.

  9. I’ve already obtained Globalist after only ten nights this year (30 night threshold, 10 nights doubled with the Bonus Journeys promotion in January/February, 10 nights inexplicably awarded through holding a Hyatt Credit Card)

  10. I can easily do this. However, unlike those who’ve imbibed too much of the self-anointed travel “guru’s” kool-aid and place World of Hyatt on a pedestal, I do not value Hyatt Globalist that much. I’d rather spend the 20 paid nights earning HH points that I can then spend on 5-night award stays, with the 5th night free, to achieve the sort of outsized redemption values that are nearly impossible to achieve as a Globalist because WoH does not offer their elites the 5th award night free perk… ;-(

  11. Best part of Globalist. I just spent 5 days in Paris at Hyatt Vendome. Breakfast is 60 euros a person. Got free for me and wife. Also went to Nice ,France on same trip. Nice Hyatt free breakfast in room overlooking sea. Altogether prob 800 in free breakfast.

  12. I wrote World of Hyatt CS trying to register and got the following reply:

    “Thank you for contacting World of Hyatt.

    This Exclusive World of Hyatt Elite Tier Offer was only available through e-mail to targeted members through specific hotel sales departments. Unfortunately it is not available to the public.”

  13. Has anyone had any luck getting a sales person who actually knows about this promo? I’ve called a couple hotel sales departments and nobody is aware of this.

  14. Late reply:

    @UA-NYC — FYI: The breakfast credit thingy is applicable only at US properties. As you know, I am mainly a “world traveler”, which means that I will continue getting free breakfast that’s nothing short of a ‘royal feast’, including on 5-night award stays, with the 5th night FREE, to achieve the type of outsized redemption values that are impossible to achieve as a Globalist. Moreover, Hilton has no resort fees on award stays. When I do get resort fees on revenue stays, I have my Aspire resort fee credit that takes care of it. So, you are trying to sit on a 2-legged stool.

    WoH Globalist is equivalent to HH Gold, ergo, I rank it way below HH Diamond.


  15. Just had a conversation with Hyatt Regency Manchester, they say the offer is only available to companies, not to private individuals, anyone know any different.

  16. Just called, was transferred to a supervisor and they signed me up for the promotion easily (original rep was not versed in it). However, the supervisor told me it starts the clock now in terms of the 20 nights. Now, he didn’t seem well-versed either so I’m hoping he’s wrong as I already have 16 nights, but just a heads up as a data point.

  17. @Bethany, that’s what I learned too which says clock starts when you register for that offer. Can u update us if you get globalist after reaching 20 nights (4 additional + your existing 16 nights)? I’m in the same boat since I have 8 nights already and it would suck to start all over again..

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