Free Instant Accor Hotels A|Club Platinum Status is Back

Here’s the link to open a new account at the Platinum level, it says the offer is valid through May 31 but my guess is they will close it earlier.

The offer says it’s intended for Citi Premier Miles World Mastercard holders in the United Arab Emirates. However, as with past offers, this will likely work for anyone.

Here’s how I described a similar offer back in October:

Platinum status generally requires 60 nights (or 25,000 points earned) and comes with a 100% points bonus and then at Sofitel, Pullman, and MGallery hotels: room upgrades that the rules say you specifically have to ask for, 4pm late checkout, guaranteed availability, and a welcome drink and gift.

I’ve always found it odd that A|Club elite status doesn’t get you recognition at Novotel properties, but still being Platinum which is their top tier is certainly better than a hole in the head as my grandfather used to say — especially when the status is instant and free.

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  1. Now I guess the question is whether we can use this status to match to other hotel chains??
    Any suggestions?

  2. I got this back in October nad have yet to be able to leverage it for a status match. I’ve tried with just about every major program. However, some have had luck with Club Carlson, so it’s probably worth a shot even if it didn’t work for me.

  3. @hoglard1 – How did you get Club Carlson and Priority Club to status match this, and what were the terms? PC especially would be excellent for me.

  4. There are so many things wrong with these types of promos. First, shouldn’t 60 nights at a hotel chain in a year get you a heck of a lot more in benefits? And second, why give out status that’s so hard to earn for nothing?

  5. @Ken – The Best Western match gives you BW Diamond? Also, the fact that my confirmation email from Accor is a welcome letter, showing an account balance of 0, makes no difference, or should I wait until my card comes in and I can send a photocopy of that?

  6. +1 on the status match with CC and PC. I tried the CC and they denied me. Is it just luck of the draw?

  7. Jeffrey, Yes, Diamond Status. It worked for me several months ago and was awarded in less than a week. I took a screen cap of my first confirmation letter and blurred by points to be safe before forwarding.

  8. I already had a Gold account, but no points. I clicked the link while signed in to my old account and filled out the “Join” form. Once submitted I was signed in to a new Platinum account with a new member number, so I guess I have two statuses with a chain at which I have never stayed. It’s a crazy world.

  9. the link still does not work from Accor’s site; keeps saying page error; yesterday and today. What do you think the problem is?

  10. Used the Citi link and got Platinum, I emailed Accor to merge my Gold account. They emailled me back to say that they wouldn’t do the merger until I had sent them a scan of my Citi credit card 🙁

    I have had a go with the BW Status match – no catch deal and I’m waiting for their decision. I tried with Carlson and they declined. Think I will try again with the BW Diamond.

  11. Club Carlson doesn’t match A|club, but other ones (SPG, Hilton, Marriott, etc..) so I’m trying my Hilton Gold

    Best Western – no reply at all after a week, boo, I doubt they’ll match either, so I’ll try again with my Hilton/SPG Gold

  12. E had my Accor Platinum matched by BW to their Diamond elite :). After a week, I had to call them (twice!) to nudge their elbows. They just said their emails were backed up and then 10 mins. after my second call they sent me the welcome email confirming BW Diamond. I’m waiting now to see if C.Carlson will upgrade me to Gold (due to my new BW status).

  13. Unfair, but I shall try again later
    I email BW yesterday again, still no reply yet or no ticket #

    CC replied me, they don’t match A|club and Hilton Gold matches to Silver (which I already am Silver Elite)
    guess no more CC hotels for me 😛

    Now aiming to get Fairmont Platinum then

  14. Thanks for this tip! I was able to get A club Plat for both myself and my husband and then used those to get us matched to Best Western Diamond Elite (within 24 hours, no email reply, just saw it online when i checked the next day). Now using BW to match to Priority club (they wrote back to me saying they don’t match A Club but mentioned Best Western). Will then try to use Priority club to match to Club Carlson! This is a deal that keeps on giving..! Thanks again!

  15. @BostonSun
    Thanks for the tip, I checked my BW and now it’s Diamond also, woo hoo

    FYI: CC only status match with Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, and Starwood only

    Guess I should try Priority Club status match then too

  16. I get this error when entering any e-mail address: “Invalid identification. Please try again or use another e-mail address.”

  17. I couldn’t use it it keeps saying that the “The given promotion code is not usable anymore” HELP

  18. LOL — Thanks Gary… And here I was so depressed to have missed out on this.
    But its the year of the Zombies after all… and this turns out to be the Gift that keeps on giving…


  19. Why I only get the basic memebership status not the platinum status by using the ‘Here’s the link to open a new account at the Platinum level’ link? Someone can help?

  20. Ok, when I go to the link, entered email address, it shows the promotion code is not usable anymore. I have refreshed the pages like more than 10 times, but still get the same page, what should I do?

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