Free Memberships for Wholesale Hotel Booking Site End Monday, Sign Up Free Now for a Year While You Can

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Club1 Hotels Free 1-Year Membership

Club1 Hotels is a membership site, and that lets them sell rooms at a discount, offering lower rates to consumers instead of taking their booking commission. They report that they make money on membership fees rather than individual bookings.

Since they’re a membership site hotel best rate guarantees for direct booking on a hotel chain’s website don’t apply. That’s how they can undercut hotels’ own pricing.

  • The idea is you can book wholesale hotel rates rather than retail
  • You probably won’t earn hotel points or elite stay credit (Hyatt and Marriott honor elite benefits when booking through third party sites)
  • Hotel points aren’t so much an issue with luxury properties like Four Seasons or non-chain hotels anyway o course.
  • In my searches sometimes there are phenomenal deals, saving $100 or $200 a night. Sometimes not. Always compare prices before you book.

Their membership normally costs $675 for a year, but they’re giving away one year memberships that provide access to discounts (but don’t come with a Priority Pass for airport lounge access) now. It’s worth signing up just to check out pricing.

And you want to sign up right away because I’m told this free one year trial option will be disappearing November 1.

Here’s an example saving $130 a night at a Hyatt all-inclusive and saving nearly $300 a night at the Andaz Wall Street to offer just two examples. The best deals are higher-end hotels.

Andaz Wall Street

Club1 Hotels Free 1-Year Membership

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  1. I don’t understand why you and all the other bloggers continue pimping this site. IMHO it is complete trash. Where they come up with the notion they’ll charge $675 for a membership is beyond me. Looks like it was designed in 2001. I can’t even get the hotel search engine to work – won’t even recognize “New York City” as as destination to do a search. I think there is something wrong with the auto-suggest functionality where it doesn’t pop up anything, so if you then try to search it doesn’t recognize the destination. Anyway, i’ve tried a couple times and given up out of frustration.

  2. I’m completely with @Matt. I picked up on an earlier @Gary post pushing Club1, to join for free. So far, after about a half dozen searches in various countries, generally for higher end hotels, I haven’t found any good deals. Instead, I’ve found the site to be rather glitchy, sloppily put together and prone to tack on substantial extra charges (beyond the usual taxes) once it’s lured you in with initially appealing rates.

  3. I totally agree with what the two gentlemen above are saying I signed up the site and it was extremely glitchy;wouldn’t recognize New York New York as a city finally got it to work with Brooklyn New York and it gave me extremely high-end hotels that were out of my budget so yeah if you want to look for thousand dollar a night hotels is then maybe this site is for you if not I can’t see how they justify charging $675 a year. This site just complete trash

  4. I also tried to book a room on the site and couldn’t check out. Contacted customer service and, to their credit, they responded quickly. But then when I could check out, the rate was $100 higher!

    While there might be a few deals here, it’s very “needle in a haystack.” Nobody has time for that type of searching — you’re going to use an aggregator to get the job done more efficiently. The idea that anyone would pay for membership is ridiculous.

  5. I’m not sure what’s up with the other commentors, but I just used this to find hotel rates in Panama with no issue. I used an airport code and not a city name & found a rate lower than what the hotel quoted me.
    Then I looked NYC & found rooms with rates as low as $100/nite. You’ve got to use all the features of the search if you want specific results.

  6. Greetings! Thank you all for your comments as we highly value feedback! As you know, we are currently in our beta phase. We’ve taken all comments and feedback with much care and diligence. Our booking platform will be transitioning November 1 – I ask and encourage all to check out our new platform (especially our search engine).

    Please do reach out to us at for any additional inquiries or feedback. We look forward to speaking to our Members (& potential Members).

  7. I looked up Manila and found three Hyatt properties — the new one at the City of Dreams complex and the two that it replaced (which are now two different hotel brands). Just for kicks, I tried booking the Hyatt Regency Manila that closed almost a decade ago and has since been renovated and rebranded — and I was able to choose a room with a corresponding rate and was brought to the page where I just need to enter my payment details.

    I wonder what will happen if I pushed through with the booking and how Club1 Hotels will handle it.

  8. Hi Jay C, thank you for your comment! We’ve reached out to our IT team about the Hyatt Regency Manila (now the Midas Hotel and Casino) and they are now amending. The rates are coming from the Midas Hotel and Casino, so if you book the “Hyatt Regency Manila” you are really booking the Midas Hotel and Casino.

    Again, much thanks on the comment. We encourage more feedback as we continue on and forward from our beta phase!

  9. Oh boy, I really hope that the “new platform” will at least be slightly usable.

    My experiences so far searching for hotels in Bali

    – to dropdown lst of countries without explanation
    – search #1 brings up hotels in Java
    – search #2 bring up hotels in Jakarta
    – some Java script hogs resources before it gets killed
    – the google map supposedly showing the locations goes into endless loop, again some java script issue (script must be killed)
    – “modify search” doesn’t do anything
    – only USD currency

    So thank you guys, but this is not beta, more like a pre-alpha version.

  10. @RogerWllco Duly noted. (The search function is our area of biggest improvement. Better to come!) Thank you!

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