Free Miles on Your Choice of Airlines!

Through August 31, new members who enroll in Frontier Early Returns receive 1000 miles.

A year and a half ago they ran a 1500 point signup bonus, and I recommended signing up just to convert the miles to a $6 Starbucks gift card.

Frontier participates in, and you can convert 1000 miles to your choice of (among other options):

  • 184 US Airways miles
  • 297 Priority Club points
  • 138 Delta miles
  • 297 AsiaMiles
  • 148 Aeroplan miles
  • 153 Contiental miles
  • 153 American miles

You can use the opportunity to extend expiration on an American or US Airways account, for instance.

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  1. Is it true these can be converted. Midwest Air did the same thing only they made it impossible to use these until you had gained flight miles on their airline.

  2. Okie Dokie, added 153 miles to AA,
    not bad for before 9 AM and on the first cup of coffee… thanks !

  3. Did this last year for the US Airways Grand Slam. Works as a transfer partner and counts as a hit…assuming the Grand Slam returns.

  4. OK, got the 1000 miles. Now how the heck do I turn them into AA miles? Need tutorial, please!

  5. please help me out, still trying to find out how to turn them into AA miles, please help me out

  6. I am not as sharp as you–pleease help –how do you transfer the 1000 miles to american etc.–thanks

  7. I tried this last year with the 1500 and frontier told me (through that those miles were ineligible for transfer. so they’re sitting there pretty much orphaned. YMMV, since clearly some folks have had luck with it…

  8. Count me as another that can’t figure out the transfer. I have a account and frontier account. I have added a few FF programs to, but can’t find a way to transfer. Does one do it from the frontier or website? Either way, i see no area to do so. thanks for any help.

  9. Thanks Mark

    I too did it on

    looked over the points site –I know why we did use it ,I can not fig. out who pays those fees to trade miles or buy miles

  10. looks like the Starbucks deal is dead though for $6.00 ; I tried to do that and it costs more than 1500 miles.

  11. Frontier’s site is a real POS. When I try to sign up my kid is says he is already registered. Never got an email back and when I try to ask it for one or try and sign in it says no account exists.

    The programmer must be the guy who got a D- in his HTML class.

  12. To get the bonus you have to “register” your Frontier account and whatever account you want to transfer your points to with Simply select whichever programs you want to utilize as “preferred,” then when they appear on your home screen of click “Register Now” button. Once the updating is done, you can transfer points.

  13. Is the Starbucks exchange still good? Couldn’t find it anywhere when I selected Frontier as my “out of” account.

  14. Anyone have the points transferred (with and actually show up in their account? I requested this on 6/11 to transfer to US Airways miles, it is still pending.

  15. Also tried transferring on from Frontier to AA, did this June 12 and is still pending… states 2-3 days, now 10 days, seems like it will not happen 🙁

  16. This is the message I got recently:

    Thank you for contacting

    We’re happy to hear you’d like to make an exchange however, sorry to say that if you are using miles accumulated from a bonus, that’s not eligible as set by Frontier Airlines

  17. My transfer also failed. I got the following message from Thank you for contacting
    Thank you for your patience in allowing me to look into this for you. Unfortunately, your transaction failed due to Frontier restrictions, it seems there are varying ways miles can be accumulated and miles earned through a bonus cannot be used for transactions. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
    We really appreciate your visit to and look forward to your return. In the meantime, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us or check out our Support page.
    New on! Redeem your Aeroplan®, American Airlines AAdvantage® and US Airways® Dividend Miles® miles into your PayPal account on Visit our PayPal overview page to learn more!
    Check out our new Earn Opportunities section at the bottom of our home page. You can share your own earn opportunities or view others. Be sure to add the programs to your Balance Tracker to view all opportunities!
    Thank you for using
    Customer Support Representative

  18. changed the minimum tranfer threshold for Frontier transfers from 1000 to 1001. However, by transferring one mile into your newly created Frontier account (example: 22 USAir miles in, which will get you 1 Frontier mile), you will meet that requirement and can then transfer the 1001 out.
    New math (after 22 USAir:1 Frontier mile transfer in):
    162 US Airways miles (net)
    297 Priority Club points
    138 Delta miles
    297 AsiaMiles
    148 Aeroplan miles
    153 Contiental miles

    ■153 American miles

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