Free Starbucks Stars and Starbucks Elite Status

Uber competitor Lyft has a really interesting signup offer.

Here’s the signup offer:

  • Join Lyft and get $10 off your first ride
  • Receive 12 Starbucks Stars when you complete the ride — enough for a free drink
  • Receive 12 Starbucks Stars when you complete your third ride. That’s enough for another free drink, and you’ll be 80% of the way towards Gold status.

The $10 Lyft credit expires 14 days after signup. Your third ride must be taken by April 10 to receive the second set of 12 Stars.

Let’s say that a free Starbucks drink is ‘worth’ $6. $10 ride credit and 2 drinks are worth $22. So I think the standard $50 referral credit (my link) is way better. But people do love Starbucks Stars, and the credit towards Starbucks elite status (such as it is).

Of course the whole Starbucks Rewards program will be going revenue-based next month. Get in while the getting is good.

I generally use Uber, but have used Lyft and it’s very very similar albeit not in as many markets. Several months ago in DC I simply could not get the Uber app to open on my phone, so Lyft was a lifesaver. I like having competition in the ridesharing market as well. So it’s worth giving Lyft a shot.

(HT: to real_jetsetr via Mommy Points)

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  1. I hate Starbucks. Sugar laden expensive drinks. And farmers cutting down forests to plant coffee trees.

  2. So 14 days to use the Lyft credit when using the Starbucks signup. How long to use the credit if I use your link?

  3. I prefer a latte at home, prepared using my Nespresso Lattisma Plus machine. The end product is so much better, and it’s a big cost savings, after taking into account the amortization of the machine, and the costs of capsules and milk.

  4. Does the entire $50 credit need to be used up in the first ride or can be applied to multiple rides until the full $50 is consumed.

  5. I also prefer Uber but Lyft is a great backup when Uber has absurd surge fares. Alas the Lyft $5 off per ride deal is not as good as the Uber promo unless you take many trips in 30 days. Which most people don’t (if they do they probably already have signed up).

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did he just Amortize a coffee maker? Risk Analysis Insurance in the Hizzle. lol

    Don’t Evah buy an Apples Computers cause it says right dare on da Label that dis one is 599.95.

    I don’t do Starbucks everyday and Italy is BETTER on every street corner but just in terms of never having to call HP/Compaq/Asus/Dell and sit on the line for 3 hours to speak to a guy in a closet in Denver toking up has made up my Amortized price differentials.


  7. Oh and all your fancy shmancy California UBER alles services, and silbercars where you get frontline Audi’s for 30-40 bucks, well some of us live in the OTHER america.

    Yes it’s a trade off. I’m from the previously serviced slice of America but all of those services are worthless to a large percentage of the population.

    Just for Karmic purposes however, I’m happy that it gets you where You’re going for less than the rest of us. Just remember that , next time I show up and you decide to bust my stones.

    Nah you’ll call me and mine “privilege” .

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