Free United Status Upgrades and Female Pilots Suing Over Lactation Policies

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • While Delta and Alaska Airlines have their own standards for delivering checked bags (and will compensate customers when bags don’t arrive on-time), Singapore’s Changi airport actually has service standards that all airlines must adhere to. (HT: Mike B.)

    Previously airlines had to deliver 90% of bags within 12 minutes, they’re now allowed a couple of extra minutes but must meet the standard for 95% of bags. Standards apply to check-in also, with lines not permitted to exceed 10 minutes and processing not permitted to exceed two although budget carriers are going to have this relaxed.

  • Marriott password updates: Marriott is doing a security system upgrade and asking members with ‘outdated’ passwords to update them to current password rules. (Apparently the rules have been in place for new passwords for some time but members weren’t required to update existing passwords.) I’m told this is important because their new security system “won’t store out of compliance passwords.”

    Account security is a big deal for programs across the board these days.

  • MGM Hotels are introducing fees for parking — but exempting M life elites. And of course Hyatt elites get M life elite status. Even Hyatt Platinum, which comes with their co-brand Visa, gets M life Gold. And that means free parking at MGM hotels. Be sure to link your accounts.

  • United is sending out targeted offers of one-category elite status upgrades and also free economy plus subscriptions to some non-status members (likely who have held status with United in the past). Here’s the upgrade message from Silver to Gold from Matt B.:

  • Frontier pilots are suing the airline over its policies towards new mothers. There’s a designated room at the airline’s hub in Denver to pump breast milk, but “it was not always convenient to their gates and that such rooms were not always available at other airports.” In addition, they believe the airline doesn’t make reasonable accommodations for pilots inflight.

    Kiedrowski told the EEOC she has pumped in an airplane restroom. On one occasion, she was given a written reprimand and told that leaving the flight deck to pump raised safety issues, she said.

  • Troubling.

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  1. See, they ( women ) want to be treated equally, but then they want special rights. If you’re having a baby sweetheart, stay at home, bond with your baby, have some time out and when the kid grows up, then maybe we’ll let you back into the workforce, as long as you’re not too demanding of course. But if you still want to work,, don’t have a baby and don’t expect everyone else to pay for you. Christ! I am sick of it. Expect to be treated the same way as the men are and stop whining.

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