Frequent Flyer Program Apologizes: Asking If Members Think Men are Superior to Women

Aeroplan, the frequent flyer program that will remain associated with Air Canada until 2020, is apologizing for a survey sent out to members. They promise to delete “all data collected” from it as well.

This was a survey that Aeroplan offered 100 points for members to complete and included 80 questions, among them whether members agreed:

  • “there is too much immigration. It threatens the purity of the country.”

  • “Getting married and having children is the only real way of having a family.”

  • “The father of the family must be master in his own house.”

  • “men have a certain natural superiority over women, and nothing can change this.”

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I actually don’t think there’s a huge issue in asking people if they believe these things. I don’t see the upside, though, it’s not clear how Aeroplan would behave differently as it crafts its offerings for a post-Air Canada future. Unless of course they plan to offer members the ability to redeem points for Stepford Wives, or to allow members to burn points to sponsor deportation of foreigners?

Aeroplan’s owner Aimia says the survey was handled by an outside marketing firm and they “failed to properly review the questionnaire” before it went out.

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  1. Those stupid Canadian dickheads, first they vote that snowflake Trudeau in to power and then this, just confirms what a race of dickheads Canadians are…..

  2. Who gets paid to “properly review” stuff that goes out in a company’s name? This is just nutty.

  3. to be painfully honest, i don’t see any possible path forward for Aeroplan post-divorce. Liquidation is the only realistic path because the entity doesn’t even have any meaningful amount of assets that could actually be of value to a potential suitor looking at the bargain bin.

  4. I have to admit, your Stepford Wives and miles to deport comments made my day. Thanks.

  5. Aeroplan actually put those loaded “When did you stop beating your wife?” type questions in a survey. That is very funny.

  6. @Robbo
    As opposed to smart american voting for a con man…yes..Americans are very smart
    As an american living in Canada I can tell you would not be admitted here due to your low IQ
    Stay in the US and play with your guns…you will be better off there…

  7. This is an absolutely biased and non-professional survey. Whoever approved it is either ignorant or wanted the results to be skewed in a particular way.

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