Frequent Flyers Donate $50,000 to Susan G Komen for the Cure

The oneworld Mega DO raised money for several charities, one of them was Susan G Komen for the cure, and American Airlines has posted a video of receiving that $50,000 check for Komen, with comments by Randy Petersen, AAdvantage President Suzanne Rubin, LeAnn Marchbanks Morris who handles Cause Marketing for American.

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  1. I bet they were relieved it was a check, and not a thousand pounds of still wrapped presidential coins

  2. Why Komen? After the fiasco from December when the defunded breast cancer screenings on behalf of political zealots, it would be nice to donate to a non-political group.

  3. @Mike the AP story on new grant policies at Komen broke on January 31. The funds were raised prior to that.

  4. Agree with Mike. Perhaps not the greatest of charities for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is trying to claim ownership to the color PINK!

  5. I agree this is a shame that this particular charity was chosen. As the son of a breast cancer survivor this is a subject dear to my heart. There are a number of very worthy breast cancer charities out there that have a much better record of passing along as many cents in the dollar as possible to worthy enterprises. Unfortunately Komen has a long-held reputation as a charity behemoth for frittering away money on a lot of unnecessary expenses, and that was before the most recent politically-driven unpleasantness came to light. I have to say I wouldn’t give them a penny of my money (or anyone else’s).

  6. Absolutely a worthy cause. I understand that the money was donated prior to the news media frenzy. That said, next time, a more worthy organization should be chosen that better represents this worthy cause.

  7. The Komen foundation is over funded. Why not fund something else that is near and dear such as prostate cancer or testicular cancer?

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