Frequent Traveler University Advanced is Here – And Spots Are Limited

Here’s the booking link.

One of the most requested things we’ve gotten for future Frequent Traveler University events is a different program — while each one has several different topics and speakers, they’ve also had many similar program components, and a large group of people of very mixed experience levels.

We’ve listened and have begun to put together a more intimate event called FTU Advanced that will be held at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare July 18-20.

  • Smaller, more intimate, for greater in-depth discussion
  • More advanced. FTU events welcome everyone, at all experience levels, and of course everyone is welcome.  But the program will feature a more focused conversation geared to people that have spent more time with the activity.
  • A different program. We’ll be able to go more in-depth, and we’ll be able to go more hands-on.  There will be internet in the meeting rooms to facilitate learning by doing, not just telling and showing.

Last April’s Northern Virginia FTU drew well over 600 people.  We decided to cap the Seattle event at a little over 400.  Both sold out months in advance.

In order to provide a more hands-on experience and facilitate better networking opportunities we are limiting this event to just 125 people.