Fruit Smell Forces Flight To Make Emergency Landing

A Turkish Airlines Istanbul – Barcelona flight was forced to turn back after sensors went off on the aircraft – determined to have been caused by the smell emitted from durian fruit in the cargo hold.

A warning came from the sensors in the cargo section of the flight numbered “TK 1855”, which was flying from Istanbul to Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Upon noticing the smell by the cabin crew, the captain pilot of the plane decided to return to Istanbul Airport as a precaution while it was over the Bulgarian airspace.

In the examinations made on the cargo of the plane that landed in Istanbul without any problems, it was determined that the operation of the sensors was caused by the tropical fruit called “durian”, which emits a heavy smell when ripe.

Passengers were placed on another aircraft to continue their journey, albeit without any durian on board.

When I wrote recently about a passenger who brought ribs and half an ear of corn on board and proceeded to eat it in coach, one commenter offered “I’ll have to bring some durian sometime. It is delicious.”

And indeed it is, but it’s also known as “stinky fruit” and hotels throughout Asia will often have signs at the entrance, “no durian.” Stay out! Some people think it smells like sewage, and the odor lasts.

If you’re going to eat it, though, one commenter flags a way to do it without the smell.

Freeze it. Just before it is completely thawed serve it . You do not have the smell, yet you have the wonderful caramelly, custardy taste …and can truly enjoy the fruit. Have not had anyone not like it when served that way. Will never serve it at room temp again.

Not everyone likes the flavor. It’s unfamiliar to an American palate and can be intense. So along the same lines one simple way to try it that’s much more mellow is in the form of ice cream.

The Turkish flight isn’t the first time an aircraft has made an emergency landing over durian. It’s even happened to Air Canada. And in 2018 passengers revolted prior to departure of Sriwajiya Air flight SJ91 from Bengkulu to Jakarta, because the plane was carrying 4500 pounds of durian. Customers refused to take the 1 hour 29 minute trip unless the durian was first removed.

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  1. I saw a sign in the check in area of an Asian airline in Asia saying that carrying durian fruit is not permitted in the cabin or as checked luggage.

  2. I thought to myself, it must have been durian before I opened the article. Sure enough, it was.

  3. LOLOL, I think the article is being a tad “delicate” in describing the unique wafting aroma of durian fruit. To put it as plainly as I can (without deletion?)…it smells like S*** !!! LOLOL

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