The Future Will Have Lower Award Prices and Better Availability..

…or so prophecies by a correspondent who mailed a letter to me at the business address would seem to suggest.

Dear Gary,

I saw the newspaper article you were quoted in and wanted to write you a letter.

As you know the economy has had its up and down’s which causes many to wonder what the future holds out for them and who really controls the world.

Interestingly, the Bible explains why conditions in the world have gone from bad to worse and also explains what we can look forward to which is a world free of economic hardships, pain, suffering, injustice and war…

The enclosed tract explains the above in more detail. It only takes a few minutes to read and is well worth your time.

The old saying in aviation decades ago was “whether you’re going to heaven or hell, you’ll still have to connect in Atlanta.”

Nonetheless, and contra what this correspondent may think, I’m quite confident that it’s occupants of Willis Tower in Chicago that make United’s valuation decisions.

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  1. The world is actually a far “safer” and “better” place than it’s been in any time in human history.

  2. Hilarious. Maybe not United/Star Alliance but…..? To twist an old sunday school song, “He’s got the ‘One-World’ in his hand.” Ba Da Bump!

  3. What planet is that in the picture… Kolob? It certainly isn’t the Earth! Those landmasses are as fictional as the contents of that pamphlet…

  4. No true Christian would be interested in points and miles, and no true mileage runner can be a Christian. Let’s make fun of ’em.

  5. That’s Jehowah’s Witnesses, not just a generic Christian… Seems like lots of you got lucky with being targeted.

  6. Beware, beware! Some religious zealots have no sense of humor and will burn you on the cross, or wherever.
    A thought: Has a war ever been started by atheists?

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