Genius Flyer Tries to Find Shortcut to the Plane – By Getting on the Checked Baggage Belt

A many of the world’s airports it’s a long walk from check-in to the gate. Some of that delay is due to immigration and customs formalities, but at newer airports that also usually means walking through a maze designed to move you past as much high-end retail as possible. That’s because expensive retail generates big revenue for the airport.

Sometimes you start to think: there has to be a better way. At the Sydney airport that’s a short cut down the hallway to the tax office. And the only way you find these short cuts is trial and error.

The new Istanbul airport only just opened at the beginning of April, and flyers are still trying to figure out its nuances. One first-time flyer decided to see if the baggage belt was a short cut from check-in to the plane, and her experiment was caught on video.

The first-time flyer checked in her bags at Istanbul Airport, but instead of heading to her terminal, she proceeded to climb onto the conveyor belt as terminal attendants and other passengers looked on.

The woman stepped onto the belt and promptly fell on her backside as it rolled forward.

Confused airport staff jumped up to help her before she ended up in a pile of checked luggage aboard the cargo carrier…

Not all experiments work out, but it’s through our failures that we learn — provided that we cut our losses quickly and iterate. Hopefully on her next trip through the Istanbul airport she’ll teach us something that does work.

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