‘Genius’ Passenger Sets Up Hammock in the Charlotte Airport, Dozes Off

It’s only possible to get so comfortable in a gate area. And you don’t want to be one of those teenagers hauling around pillows and making camp on the floor.

One intrepid traveler decided to hang a hammock Sunday morning in the Charlotte airport. He apparently found it comfortable enough to doze off in though eventually an airport employee approached him and he took it down.

“She tapped the hammock and his head just poked up,” eyewitness Magalli Odom told SWNS. “He looked quite tired and dozy so he must have been asleep for some time.

“I didn’t hear what was said but he was very compliant and used the chairs to help himself down,” she added. “I just thought it was genius. I only wish that I had one too.”

He’s lucky of course that he didn’t try this at Chicago O’Hare. The crazy thing, though, is this isn’t even an original idea. From Minneapolis last year:

Spotted, Delta Terminal @MSP from r/TwinCities

Charlotte passengers take note — along with folks with layovers in Dallas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia — there are Minutes Suites in each airport, private nap rooms with desk, and you get a free hour with Priority Pass.

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  1. I trust he had an arrangement with a nearby bar to deliver pina coladas to him!

  2. I’m just happy he was pleasant when asked to take it down. Some get so inappropriately defiant these days.

  3. “Some get so inappropriately defiant these days.” – yea I’m sure that would have ended oh so well for him. He knew he wasn’t supposed to do it

  4. If a properly posted sign prohibiting hammocks was not visible, could he presume its permitted? Embarrassing maybe, but not restricted.

  5. Sometimes I feel ashamed for the behaviour of such (adult) people, and their entire country. I feel somehow sorry for them as well, since they obviously had no basic education when they were kids.

    And when cought, hiding behind race or other stupid excuses.

    Time ago it was teenegers doing like this (sitting on the floor instead of chairs, shouting, spitting gums, putting shoes on furniture). Now its an entire nation, with a few exceptions.

  6. Not sure what the big deal is. Who is he bothering?

    Anyway, sometimes my wife and I know we will have an overnight connection in an airport s ok we will pack our backpacking sleeping pad. It’s no wider than your shoulder width and makes sleeping on the ground like a bed.

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