Get $28 In Food “To Go” – For The Plane, Or Before You Leave The Airport

Priority Pass cards from American Express and Capital One no longer include $28 credits at participating airport restaurants but you can still use Chase-issued Priority Pass cards for this.

My favorite is Bobby Van’s in New York JFK’s terminal 8 (the American Airlines-British Airways terminal), because the food is actually pretty good. They have surprisingly decent steaks for an airport, good appetizers, and like the chili and tuna burger too. Decent nachos, though I haven’t tried the crab mac and cheese or crab cakes.

A frequent flyer asks about using their $28 credit for takeout at some of these Priority Pass restaurants.

Some of the participating restaurants include Stephanie’s in Boston; Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Landry’s Seafood at Houston Intercontinal; Bar Symon in Cleveland; Harbor Grille in Baltimore; Corona Beach House in Miami; Bracket Room and American Tap Room at Washington National; indeed there are four restaurants in San Francisco.

Take away was super simple at Capers Market in Portland when that was participating, it was like a gourmet minimart, but currently only Capers Cafe and not the market are participating.

But Priority Pass is just a form of payment, so there’s no reason you couldn’t do takeout from a place like Bobby Van’s and pay with your Priority Pass card. That’s great for bringing your meal onto the plane but it’s also great for your takeaway meal on arrival. Don’t eat it in the Uber, and it may be cold by the time you make it to your hotel! So choose your menu options wisely. As it is, I’ll often stop at Bobby Van’s on arrival, since I tend to plan my arrivals into New York with a decent time buffer. But ‘to go’ options are something I bet most people miss.

Always ask whether the restaurant will allow you to do to go on arrival, since a given restaurant may not. Restrictions listed on the website aren’t always enforced, and Priority Pass only knows your card has been swiped not whether you were an arriving or departing passenger or whether you ate in the restaurant or not.

This strategy seem crucial, to me, if you’re ever going to beat the record of $200 in free food in a single day?

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  1. Looks like Bobby’s van is no longer a priority pass option! I was in JFK T8 last week and couldn’t find in the app.

  2. @SamFromQueens – It appears your PriorityPass app is connected to a pass issued by Amex or CapitalOne. My app connected to my Chase-issued PriorityPass card shows Bobby Van’s Steakhouse in T8 of JFK.

  3. You’re not allowed to tip from the $28 which is the biggest [redacted -gl] from Priority Pass that they have ever devised.

  4. I was in SFO a couple months back and I pulled out my PP card. Unfortunately, the PP system went down. The restaurant couldn’t get payment so I called PP. no problem they said, their network was down, just keep my receipt and contact them later. So I paid with my card and contacted PP. they to,d me to buzz off. The. They said I should demand the the credit card issuer cover it. ( we had two PP cards among four people so $28 x 4). Why? Their system otked fine. I said I paid PP via the annual fee. PP would not relent. If their system goes down, you are out of luck. What an awful company.

  5. @Philz Coffee Drinker – just leave a 25-30% cash tip on the table. Are you so cheap you don’t tip correctly. Also just because something is “free” (or discounted, 2 for 1, etc). Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tip on the full price as if you were paying it.

    Personally if I have a free meal like w Priority Pass or am comped in a casino I over tip since it still comes out to a really cheap meal. Quit whining and do your part!

  6. Ah, yes…. if only I could ever be so lucky as to be seated next to Gary, with his Tina burger that he took to go for the plane. I’m sure it smells delicious.

  7. Yep. Abuse that good thing. Loot the restaurants for take away food to drive up costs for Chase and end up like AMEX and CapitalOne. Not that I sympathize with Chase in any way. Just pointing out another thought for the “thought leader” who ends his article with a challenge to beat the $200 per day record.

  8. Oh God. You are that guy that I sit next to him on the plane with a full greasy meal in front of him that I have to smell for the next three hours. I get it sometimes you’re in a rush, but this is a pet peeve.

  9. I’m dumbfounded when I see people questioning why a benefit was taken away from a program after reading articles like this.

    I understand that you’re making a living Gary, but there are so many industry articles of value you could be writing about that don’t include how to beat or abuse the system. Remember, what’s offered in every program is a “benefit”, not a right, and can be removed at any time for any reason.

  10. Agree with Dublin. Nothing worse than sitting next to someone take out food and start eating it on the plane . Come on people (Gary) .. we should not be advocating this behavior. I am sure most would agree…ranks up there with people clipping their nails on board the plane too. If you are that hungry arrive early and eat at the airport. Just my opinion

  11. @James, the difference is what is included at Capers Matket. About 2 years or so back everything at the market was included . Now many of the items in the market picture are no longer included. Some are, some arent.

  12. @Kami – maybe you are logged in to Priority Pass with an Amex card. SEA Bambuza and BrewTop Social (that replaced Trailhead BBQ) are both good options that I frequent.

    Now that I don’t live in NY and seldom fly that was, this post gave me some nostalgia for the Bobby Van’s dine-in experience all the staff efforts to point out that the tip is not included in Priority Pass, from the host during seating to every waiter that comes to the table to the bill folder.

    Reminded me of a trip to Argentina some years ago where every restaurant, upon figuring out we are Americans, had one stock line of English, even if no other English proficiency, “The tip is not included in the bill.”

  13. Very disappointed that Capital One and AMEX dropped out of the restaurant program, but Chase still offers this benefit.

  14. While they all suck Cap One and Amex are the stingiest with their benefits and make it complicated to redeem what they offer. Ever run into issues with their airline fee credits?
    The best thing I did ever was cutting up my Amex cards and dumping Membership Rewards
    Good riddance

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