Get A Free 3-Month Extension Of CLEAR (Even If You Already Got A 3-Month Extension)

Early in the pandemic I did a bit of cleanup of my recurring subscriptions. I cancelled my Gogo monthly internet service, saving $49.95 a month. And I asked CLEAR for an extension. They pushed my membership renewal date out three months.

Back in October, prompted by Dan Eleff, I asked CLEAR for another three month extension. I logged into my account and pulled up their live chat on the bottom of the page.

I simply said, “Because of the pandemic I haven’t been using CLEAR. Can you extend my membership so I don’t need to cancel?” They gave me another three months. They call it a ‘pause’ but you can still use your membership while ‘paused’.

CLEAR is always here for you when you need us most. We understand that these are challenging times, so as requested, we’ve paused your membership for 3 months. During your pause period, your bill date will be pushed out 3 months to [..], and you’ll never lose access to CLEAR.

So in October I offered a minor reminder, if you’re a CLEAR member, to ask for an extension of your membership even if you already got one once. If you have family attached to your account that’s extended too (since it’s your billing date they push forward). The extension reflects immediately.

Well I decided to ask for a third extension. I fired up online chat after logging into my account, and said that I hadn’t been able to make use of the service the way I’d planned when I signed up thanks to the pandemic and would they extend my membership?

They responded that no one was available to help but they’d get back to me by email. In about 24 hours I received an email extending my membership another two months this time,

Even if you’ve already gotten an extension of your CLEAR membership it can’t hurt to ask for another one.

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  1. No chat option appears. Just click cancel. Two big squares come up. Choose extend or cancel. You don’t have to convince anyone. Either cancel or take the additional 3 months.

  2. I’ve flown about 5 times since March and there has been no security line each time (and thus no benefit to using CLEAR). I wonder if CLEAR will be able to survive.

  3. I’m going to cancel my AMEX Green in November. Is it possible to get Clear to charge me for renewal early? I haven’t gotten my $100 reimbursement yet this year.

  4. I ended up just cancelling. Airport reps are very slow now so it ends up taking more time than precheck usually. Maybe if I flew from MCO more it would be worth it as those lines are insane.

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