How to Get Free Airport Parking

When I wrote about the return of Milepoint’s Premium offer, it was natural to focus on the headline offers — Hilton Gold status, United miles, and even National Car Rental status.

There are a suite of discounts and offers beyond that, they won’t all be useful to everyone but there’s opportunity to get value out of many of them. I use for instance, and there’s a 20% discount on a year’s subscription. Similarly there’s a discount on the KVS Tool which I also use extensively in searching flights, availability, awards, seat maps, Visa rules, maximum permitted mileage, minimum connection times and more.

Commenter Gene has an eagle eye for the value of one of those benefits — a free parking day at The Parking Spot.

@Gary — Is the Parking Spot coupon good an unlimited number of times? The T&C say “per visit”, which sounds too good to be true.

When you subscribe to Milepoint Premium you’ll receive access to a coupon for a free parking day. There’s no minimum stay restriction, it is valid even on one day’s parking. And it isn’t a single use code, you should be able to print out the coupon several times or save it on your smart phone.

If I lived next to a Parking Spot I would give up the expensive parking spot I have in my building. Hah.

This is how the Parking Spot describes their off-airport parking:

Our lots are spacious, fully-fenced, well lit, and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We offer: friendly shuttles every 5-7 minutes, earn free parking with The Spot Club, luggage assistance, complimentary newspaper & chilled bottled water.

Here’s a list of Parking Spot locations. (The coupon isn’t valid at On-Airport Valet at DFW Airport.)

My favorite one is at Los Angeles International Airport on Sepulveda — right next to the In ‘n Out Burger at the edge of a runway where you can sit outside and watch planes land. Savvy frequent flyers with long LAX layovers have been known to take the Parking Spot bus to the Sepulveda location as a way of getting to and from In ‘n Out for free.

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  1. Parking Spot is our corporate preferred parking vendor for LAX. I generally use the non-INNOUT location on Century, and have been using them for over 10 years now; regularly (sometimes daily).

    Very poor logistics, service attitude, and maintenance in general. But when it works and they’ve got the timing down right, it’s hard to beat so I continue to use them.

    The point? Buyer beware with the LAX outlets of this company.

  2. That is one of the biggest added values of the membership this time around. With parking at a premium at LGA ($20+ per day), I used The Parking Spot and it worked out well. This could really save me a lot.

  3. Is this valid for the Houston Airport location? I will definitely sign up just for the parking benefit alone!!

  4. When I lived in Atlanta, always used PreFlight parking. Closer to the airport than Parking Spot and got me free parking after only 5 visits and got me airline miles.

    Interestingly, Parking Spot is HQ’ed in Chicago, but we don’t have any Parking Spot locations around ORD or MDW. Go figure.

  5. Parking spot is not that great. they have 3 DFW and 1 DAL location and charge sneaky rates. At first glance 7.95 at DAL or 13.50 at DFW might seem ok, expecially since they have 25% off coupons quite often or offer 20% corporate discounts for certain companies…but they don’t brag about the fact that they pass on a 10% airport access fee to the customer making the tax rate 19.075% which wipes out the discounts. add $5 reservation fee to any stay you want to make sure you have a spot and they wind up being more expensive than the competition….in DAL there is a place right next door that offers covered parking for $6.50 a day inclusive of fees. Much better deal. They have a loyalty program where you can trade points earned for free days, but cant combine free days and paid days on the same stay. We had to save enough for a 4 day weekend before we could use any of them…glad to be done with them.

  6. I live near LAX and use “The Parking Spot” on Century. Recommend joining their Frequent Parker Spot Club. (Service is great and use the rewards for free parking).
    About 7 years ago I got a stack of Free Day coupons and used my last one about a month ago. You cannot combine them with other discounts. If you “really” want free and are frugal there parking near LAX there is free street parking north of 96th street and on the adjacent streets. Good for two or three days, but read the signs. One area doesn’t allow parking Wednesday afternoon and another on Thursday afternoon. Have used it with no problem except the soot from the neighborhood and planes above. Take hotel shuttle bus to the airport. No problem. Another idea is to use local transit to the airport. Often its better than parking at LAX and much less expensive.

  7. I use the LGA & JFK Locations often. I have had no issues at all with them and recommend both locations. I did sign up for MilePoint Premium and the coupon is valuable especially for short stays. If you are parking for more than a few days check around for percent off offers.

  8. @John – I’m also in Houston and I checked earlier today that TPS has multiple locations at both Hobby (2) and Bush (3).

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