Get Paid To Stay In Vancouver This Summer

One of the best hotel deals each year is the Vancouver gift card promotion and given the state of the travel business these days it’s even more lucrative than usual this time.

Bookings through for stays by September 15 earn gift cards for each night of the stay. The Vancouver Hotel Destination Association is offering:

  • A $75, $100 or $125 Visa gift card for each of the first and second nights of your stay
  • A $50 Visa gift card on each of the third, fourth, and fifth nights of a stay

There’s no minimum stay, they do not reward you for the sixth night and beyond of longer stays. And if you book back-to-back reservations to get more gift cards they say it’s not going to work.

Use promo code VISA when booking. Only a limited set of hotels are available. While hotels are prepaid reservations are refundable if cancelled up to 48 hours prior to scheduled check-in.

You’re permitted up to 3 bookings per person (though two spouses could make a total of six bookings). Visa gift cards are delivered at check-in, and though this is a promotion with Visa you can actually pay for your stay with your choice of card.

While the ban on non-essential travel from the U.S. to Canada is beginning to thaw it is currently in place until at least June 21. It could be extended. Flexibility is key. But if you’d like to escape the heat and spend time in a beautiful region, it’s worth checking out these hotel deals.

In the past hotels booked through this site have been at comparable pricing to what you might find elsewhere but that is not always the case. And for short stays at luxury hotel properties you migth do better with American Express Fine Hotels & Resorts. Since these are third party bookings you probably won’t earn hotel points or elite stay credit (or receive elite benefits on your stay) at chain hotels.

(HT: Ben Senise)

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  1. The border closure will almost certainly be extended. We have domestic border closures between provinces in Canada, not just international closures. Domestic border closures need to be eased before the border with the US reopens. Also, a new poll shows only 1 in 5 Canadians want to reopen the border.

  2. @Gary: after posting the message above, i was thinking about your subject line being “get paid to stay.” although some of the prices on the promo page show the hotel as costing less than the value of the pre-paid visa card, there is something wrong with the website. when you click on the “rates” button, the prices change and are a bit higher on some of the hotels. in every case that i found, the rate was higher than the pre-paid card albeit not by much so this is still a very good deal.
    and at marriott hotels, they stays earn night/stay credits. i did this last year.

  3. There is a 14 day minimum quarantine period, AFIK. So is this the catch? You must stay only in one place so does this mean you have to stay in one hotel for 14 days and get only up to 6 days reimbursed?

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