Why You Should Get the US Airways MasterCard Now

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

This card is offering 40,000 miles after first purchase (no minimum spending requirement).

These miles will ultimately be combinable with miles in an American AAdvantage account. That means you can get American Airlines cards too and you’ll be able to pool the miles when the two frequent flyer programs combine, or possibly even earlier.

You will not be able to apply for the card once the American and US Airways programs combine. This card is from Barclays, and Citibank will become the exclusive issuer of new American Airlines credit cards. But if you have an existing Barclaycard account, you can keep it.

If you hope to get more than one US Airways MasterCard, it’s best to sign up for one now. Barclays is tougher on getting second cards than they used to be, especially for folks who already have one open. But if you have a legitimate need for more than one I’d try now and then again right before the window to sign up for these cards closes.

Benefits of the Card

In addition to a 40,000 mile signup bonus — with no minimum spend, it’s awarded after first purchase, the card (which has an $89 annual fee) also comes with:

  • A 5000 mile discount on US Airways award travel (not valid on partner awards)
  • First checked bag free on US Airways
  • 10,000 elite qualifying miles after spending $25,000 on the card
  • Companion certificate for up to 2 companions at $99 plus tax each with purchase of a paid ticket costing at least $250 plus tax.
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • US Airways Club day pass

When Will The Card Disappear?

Back in January we didn’t know when the card would go away. I called out others who suggested that the demise of the card was imminent (and that you should jump on a 30,000 point offer) because available facts didn’t support the claim. I even got into a pretty heated twitter exchange over it.

About a week later we learned what to expect.

The US Airways credit card will continue to be offered until — and only until — Dividend Miles is combined into AAdvantage. Once that happens existing US Airways cardholders will be able to keep their cards, and they will become American Airlines cards issued by Barclays. But no new applications will be taken.

I continue to expect that the programs will be combined during the first quarter of 2015, either at the very end of February or very beginning of March, although no announcement on timing has been made.

When Delta and Northwest merged, there was a limited window left to get the Northwest credit card. (I also took advantage of my once in a lifetime status match to Northwest Platinum status, since the program itself was going to go away there was no reason left to preserve that for the future. I even got a Tiffany bowl from Delta out of the match!)

When United and Continental merged, there was a limited window left to get the Continental card. It was the last chance for a big bonus – and in some ways the legacy Continental card products were better than what the merged airline would offer, legacy cardholders got to keep most of their benefits.

Considering that there’s a limited window left to get the card, I would jump on the opportunity now for 40,000 points.

The US Airways Premier World MasterCard®

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  1. Gary– May want to point out that Barclays has changed their marketing language for new accounts to imply that cardholders get ONE companion ticket and ONE USAirways Club pass. In fact, existing cardholders have seen language when accessing their accounts online stating that the last companion certificates and club passes would be sent out in 2014.

  2. About six weeks ago I my wife and I applied for a personal and business card each. The business cards were declined, my wife received the personal card, and my personal application disappeared into the ether. I figured that I was maxed out with Barclays.

    However, last night I applied for this offer and was instantly approved. I’m not the first person I’ve heard of being approved for a card after getting denied for essentially the same card fairly recently.

    Just a data point to add to the equation.

  3. I know you have answered this before.. but I can’t find it. If I want AA EQM… I would rather spend 25K on this card than 40K on the Citi card. Do you think AA will recognize combined EQM this year? Or is your prediction not until full combination next year?

  4. I think this card is a no brainer for anyone that collects AA miles because there is no minimum spend requirement. My whole family and I are on our second US Airways cards already (cancelled the first) but Barclays will not approve me for a third one. Also, I found a link to a no annual fee version although it only earns 30,000 miles.

  5. YMMV, but spouse and I each have had this card for about a year, and each applied in early April for a second card. We were denied at that time and each of us were told by two different Barclay recon reps that Barclays did not allow you to have two of this second card. Unless you’re willing to potentially waste a hard credit pull, I wouldn’t apply if you have this card already.

  6. @BothofUs2 – I was also told the same thing when declined in April. It would be nice if they checked that BEFORE doing a hard pull. I guess that would make too much sense.

  7. And with that commercial interruption out of the way, it will hopefully be back to more interesting blogging. 🙂

    BTW, has anything changed whatsoever since your April 30 post similarly entitled “NOW Is the Time to Get a US Airways MasterCard 40,000 Point Signup Bonus”?

    Honestly, as most of your readership has known for years, it’s ALWAYS time to get a US Airways MasterCard if you don’t currently have an active one (and might be time again even if you do).

  8. @BothofUs2 they’re much tougher than they used to be about more than one at the same time, i think there’s still time to cancel and consider getting it again after that

  9. @worldtraveler303 – my prediction is still late feb/early march 2015 combination of the two airlines but they haven’t settled on a final date yet… all depends on the IT integration.

  10. It sounds like they discontinued the 10k annual bonus on this card. With that, it was a no-brainer.

  11. Wondering if it is too soon to apply for another card after doing the Citi 100k card a few months ago….?

  12. @dan – have you tried submitting it and getting an approval? barclaycard apps stay up but that doesn’t mean that they process.

  13. FYI – I got a mailer via USPS yesterday with updates about my card from Barclays. It states the following:

    New “exciting” benefits coming:
    – 10% miles used towards award tickets refunded (same as Citi card)
    – 25% discount on in-flight purchases
    – $100 flight discount when you spend $30,000 net each year
    – “Additional redemption flexibility” (notes one-way redemptions and 1st class upgrades)

    Benefits Discontinued In 2015
    – Companion certificate
    – Abiility to earn 10,000 elite miles after spending $25,000
    – Club membership day pass
    – First class check-in when flying coach

    All in all, I’m not seeing too much to make me keep this past the end of the year OVER any of Citi’s products…


  14. Gary – can this card get you the checked bag and priority boarding on an AA flight? I have the AA Platinum MC now that gets that, but if this gets the same, I see no reason to keep it as the AF is coming due. Thank you and great job on the blog!

  15. I’d say you completely won that twitter exchange. July 1st was NOT a “few weeks”. And i’d say they will be accepting applications past that time, anyway.

  16. What card should I get when I have used all my citibank cards, and can’t get a new for 18 mos.?

  17. I also received the same mailer the boat received. Just renewed and received 10000 miles and my last companion pass and club day pass. Starting next year the Barclay’s card will have the same benefits as the Citi Aadvantage Platinum card. I will keep the Barclay’s card so long as I receive the 10000 annual miles. Otherwise I will just cancel, apply for a Citi card and receive a new signing bonus. Unlike Barclay’s Citi has good retention offers.

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