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Two months ago I wrote about finally going to sign up for Global Entry, and noted:

[T]he government now collects and analyzes all cell phone geolocation data (which is why Ron Wyden developed legislation to require warrants for this without divulging that the practice is actually already occurring, since his speaking about it would itself be illegal)

And also noted

[T]he government’s data mining of grocery store discount cards and widespread cameras such as in New York and DC and license plate readers to track the movements of law-abiding individuals.

If you keep up with this blog, you know the news.. before it’s news!

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  1. From a purely social libertarian viewpoint, I’m forced to wonder if signing up for Global Entry is basically signing up for big brother to watch your every move. That being said, the amount that many of us who read your blog and others travel, I wouldn’t be shocked if we were already being watched.

    Do appreciate your blog discussing these sorts of things, as most tend to avoid what are believed to be touchy subjects. Keep up the good work.

  2. I hope that “big brother” has been able to connect the dot between VR and bluebird. No need to inquire us about the massive CC purchases and funneling of funds between various accounts.

  3. Ain’t it the truth. Wish Giant would monitor my spending on fresh fruit & Vegies so the first set of pics on the self checkout would be of things I buy. Can the NSA work on that?
    I live 6 blocks from Capitol so figure govt already ‘sweeps’ our conversations. Especially the way Capitol Police give me looks as I go to & from work each day. Still a lovely neighborhood
    Gary, Keep up the good work out there in NoVa or wherever ur undisclosed location is

  4. I’m not too concerned about providing the info to CBP for GE application as CBP isn’t part of the intelligence community and more importantly, I’m pretty sure Big Brother already has all the info either way. The government isn’t a single entity. What the NSA has doesn’t mean the CBP has it too.

  5. Who cares what the government knows about you? It doesn’t really affect your day to day operations. It’s stupid worrying about it unless you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.

  6. If you’re not a criminal then why worry about what
    the gov’t sees or hears.
    I’m all for cameras everywhere.
    As far as conversations go, at the most you might
    be embarassed about what you said, unless you are
    plotting something illegal.

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