Girlfriend Sues Boyfriend For Airport No-Show: ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’

A man promised to take his girlfriend to the airport and watch her dogs while she was away. He flaked on her, failing to show up. She missed her flight and she sued for breach of contract. The two had been dating for six and a half years, and she probably let the relationship go on too long, but the New Zealand court found (quite sensibly) that there was no consideration – just a promise and not a contract.

This New Zealand Tribunal was the equivalent of U.S. small claims court, where the outcome should have been similar.

The woman sought compensation for the financial losses from her boyfriend breaching their contract. She’d had to pay for another flight, plus an airport shuttle and a dog kennel. Another slight: He never reimbursed her for a ferry ticket for another vacation, and she wanted that repayment, too.

In a male relationship, helping someone move is going ‘all the way’. If you’re dating, though, and he won’t take you to the airport (and doesn’t even call to let you know something came up!) he’s clearly just not that into you.

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  1. Imagine what courts would look like all over the world if the woman had won her case.

    Shudder… or lol?

  2. No love in that relationship, just financial transactions and she didn’t pay enough to get his compliance to her instructions.

  3. Crazy is as crazy does

    She sued him for this. A mature sensible woman would have just dumped his ass and moved on.

    Both of these losers wasted 6 1/2 years and that’s the sad part

  4. I do not agree with the court being sensible.
    In the state of Texas, a verbal contract is still a contract.
    That was a contract that cost her money. I believe when people make these type of verbal agreements with the knowledge that there is money on the line, they should be responsible for the negligence.
    It may not be the popular opinion, but my life was contracts for 20 years. I have lost money by agreements, both verbal and non-verbal being broken.
    I only ever took one to small claims court. I won!

  5. Hey dumbass who JUST ADMITTED he lost money because he’s too stupid to understand contract law, this isn’t about a verbal versus written contract. It’s about a contract versus saying some stupid shit. Every state enforces verbal contracts, and no state enforces “saying stupid shit”. Texas doesn’t have a monopoly on doing this right, nor unfortunately does it have a monopoly on idiots like you.

  6. @WhereTo2Next I am not a lawyer. But, I understand enough about contracts to understanding the need for consideration. There was none here. While verbal contracts are as enforceable as written ones, I am no so stupid as to letvsomething important rest on one. All you end up with is they said they said arguments. Since you need help, let me recommend you don’t lend money to friends/family you aren’t willing to lose. Don’t spit into the wind. Don’t pull the mask…..

  7. I had a long term relationship, and long distance for the past 6 years end after I planned a reunion “once in a lifetime” trip to Paris. The day before our flights – from to different cities – I got a text that his passport had expired. Before I started planning this trip, we had a conversation that his passport was valid until 2029.

    Thank goodness I purchased his ticket using miles. If I had bought it using funds, the ticket would remain in his name as a future flight credit. I was also lucky in some respect that I could cancel the Paris hotel the night before – but had to eat the Disneyland Paris tickets and hotel stay. It was 6 1/2 days before that portion and once inside the 7 days – NO changes or cancellations. Insurance doesn’t cover errors in reading a passport.

    I thought of suing in small claims court, but the guy is living on “reduced” social security disability payments. He cheated the government, so they reduced his payment.

    My family hoping this is the last straw… I’m hoping my loneliness doesn’t drive me back to him! It took me over 2 months to admit this to my family and friends – embarrassed by my lack of self respect – that I would tolerate this kind of relationship.

  8. As a non-lawyer, I think I understand what “consideration” is. Both sides have to get something. In this case, the woman was to get a lift to the airport; what was the man getting? That makes it a gift, and a gift can be withdrawn. Doesn’t matter if it’s written or oral, it was never a contract because there was no consideration. That concludes my Professor Kingsfield imitation.

  9. @Logic Matters clearly crossed the line. Not OK, and it just adds to Gary’s workload to police his rhetoric.

  10. @M. Casey

    You sound like a talented, great, person. You deserve better!

    Maybe go for therapy for 1/2 a year to a year to discover why you stuck with him for so long and work on those issues before starting another relationship.

  11. It was 100% her fault she missed the flight. Uber lift taxi friends family could have been called and she made her flight. She was not paying him to take her to the airport.

  12. The girlfriend sounds like a self entitled DINGBAT for taking this personal matter to court.
    Did she and the boyfriend have a recent fight?
    Perhaps the boyfriend finally grew sick of all her demands and decided it was time to dump that B.

    It’s interesting how there are tens of thousands of single young men out there that are not dating and not interested in dating. Many of them say the dating pool is full of self entitled Disney Princesses that are unworthy of dating. They don’t want to deal with all the BS, extra work and hassle. Many of them settle for using one of the hookup dating apps. There are faults with both sexes. Meanwhile birth rates in the western world continue to plummet and this will evolve into a future crisis affecting all of us.

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